Recruiting Beyond Traditional Social Media: Exploring Alternative Platforms for Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Beyond Traditional Social Media: Exploring Alternative Platforms for Talent Acquisition

Social media is one of the pillars of your recruitment marketing strategy. It’s not unlike finding customers: in both cases, you optimize content to generate leads. But the major players in the social game – Facebook, X, LinkedIn and other large platforms – are sources of content fatigue for many users. So while they are integral to your plans, it’s important to widen your reach to effectively find and engage desired talent.

Participate in Groups

Take Facebook and LinkedIn recruitment efforts a step further by actively participating in targeted groups – or creating your own.

  • Use search functions, browse various categories, and ask for recommendations as means of finding the groups that will work best for you. Or, build your own group to highlight your unique value proposition and brand.
  • It’s not enough just to join. Take part in discussions, share relevant content, and offer advice and feedback. This helps you build trust and credibility with members, moderators, and administrators.

Here are five LinkedIn groups to get you started:

  1. Recruitment consultants and stuffing
  2. The Recruitment Network
  3. e-Recruitment network
  4. Corporate Recruiter
  5. Creative jobs

Seek Out Industry and Niche Platforms

Niche and industry platforms are online spaces where people with specific interests, skills, and experience gather to network, learn, and share information. They might be blogs, forums, newsletters, podcasts or websites.

Entering these communities means respecting the fact that members have intentionally escaped the mainstream to discuss particular topics and developments. They can be extremely fruitful talent sources, but you need to respect these intentions and not just treat them as marketing channels.

As you do with more traditional groups, be a professional, active participant. Contribute with value-added content and expertise, and strike a mutually beneficial give-and-take balance.

There are myriad industry and niche platforms. Here’s a sample. For sourcing and recruiting:


  • Quora: Providing useful answers to questions here is a great way to stand out when launching recruitment campaigns.
  • The Hackernews hiring group.
  • Passion-based social networks, such as Pinterest and Fitocracyfor fitness junkies.

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