Keep You Job Ads Simple: Showcase What Matters Most to Job Seekers


Keep You Job Ads Simple: Showcase What Matters Most to Job Seekers

A lot has changed in recent years. (Talk about an understatement!)

In March of 2020, the world was turned upside down by the economic and societal tsunami that was Covid-19. Today, much has returned to normal when it comes to being out and about again. And the global labor market is also rebalancing.

But at the same time, inflation remains high, and that market remains tight in many countries and industries – even as employers are gradually reclaiming bargaining power as they negotiate benefits with job candidates and employees.

The Importance of Job Ads

Job advertising is a key pillar in your recruitment marketing strategy. It’s one of your primary tools to get the word out on your job openings and filter the right candidates through your talent pipeline. And of all the messaging included in your ads, employee benefit information is a top priority.

What Today’s Workers Want

What should you be showcasing in your job postings, especially around your benefit offerings?

Keep it simple. Despite all the turbulence that has come with the third decade of the 21st century, workers’ top values have remained consistent, according to a recent LinkedIn study. To make every word of every ad count:

  • Emphasize compensation: It may not be every candidate’s top demand, but a competitive salary and benefits package continues to rank high on many people’s lists. Increases in the price of goods and services continue to be major stress factors, among concern that often, pay raises fail to bridge the gap. Whether it’s base salary or short and long-term incentives, your HR team needs to conduct market analyses and stay on top of trends and competitors’ offerings.
  • Be creative. If money is an object, offer attractive alternatives like four-day work weeks or unlimited paid time off.
  • Take the lead on pay equity. Address gender and any other shortfalls. Review your existing compensation policy regularly and use the results of pay audits to glean additional data. And even if Ban the Box legislation doesn’t apply in your state or municipality, consider removing salary history questions from your job application.
  • Focus on flexibility and work/life balance: This is right up there with compensation on people’s “must have” lists. For many, the pandemic provided their first taste of remote work, although the tide was beginning to turn even before 2020. Whether it’s working from home or choosing the schedule that best fits their lifestyle, the benefits of various creative work options are major selling – aka recruitment and retention – points.

To ensure that your job ads resonate with desired candidates – and that those ads and their distribution, along with other key aspects of your recruitment marketing strategy, stay strong and effective – consider working with the expert team at Haley Marketing. We proudly serve more than 1,400 staffing and recruiting firms ranging from solo practitioners to larger organizations with regional, national, and international divisions. Contact us today to learn more.

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