Enhancing Your Career Site to Get Better Candidates

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Enhancing Your Career Site to Get Better Candidates

Recruitment Marketing has become a bigger deal since the 2020 pandemic, and it’s only going to become even more prevalent for staffing and recruiting companies going forward. Open jobs in the United States aren’t slowing, unemployment is still at record lows, and the talent landscape is just as competitive as ever.

One area that gets lost in the buzz words of recruitment marketing is companies’ career sites. With a growing number of job seekers conducting their job searches online, it is crucial for staffing companies to invest in their career sites. Think of your company website as your “Digital Store”. You wouldn’t want your physical store to be messy, ineffective, and make it more difficult for your audience to go through the transaction process.

You should have the same mindset for your website and career site! It should clearly direct, inform, and persuade users on what they are looking for, and what value is being brought to them. We will explore why this area of recruitment marketing is so vital and how it can benefit staffing companies in 2023 and moving forward.

  1. Enhancing Employer Branding: Your career site is one of the best ways to showcase your company’s brand, and unique value proposition for both clients and customers. The best thing about your career site – it is YOURS! You have direct control over how your company mission, value, and benefits are communicated. By creating engaging and “thumb-stopping” content, you can place that content on your site, conveying your positive brand image, and attract candidates who have similar values.


  1. Improving the Candidate Experience: It is no secret that the labor market is still candidate-driven, making the fight for talent even tougher. Having an effective and user-friendly career site is one of the first things to focus on to ensure you aren’t missing out on top talent. A quick and effortless application process, seamless experience on mobile, and intuitive search functionality are all areas to dig into to start enhancing the candidate experience on your site.


  1. Building Talent Pipelines: Career sites are an awesome way to help build up your talent pipeline. Having all your job openings listed in a visually appealing layout can make it easier for candidates to apply. But it doesn’t stop there. Career sites can also use tactics such as a general application, talent communities, and job alerts to engage job seekers that might not be ready just yet to start their new assignment. But when they are ready, they will already be thinking about you!


  1. Collecting and Using Data: A well-constructed career site can be a very useful tool to elevate your recruitment marketing efforts because of all the data that it collects. Staffing companies can use their career sites to analyze important data to help in their other efforts. For example, application numbers (job performance), candidate sources, and website traffic are just a few key metrics that can help companies make more intentional, data-driven decisions to lead to more ROI out of the recruitment marketing efforts.


The reasons for having an effective career site are never ending, especially as the recruitment landscape is still as competitive as ever. As I said before, you should treat your site almost as if it was your physical store. When thinking about what creates a positive or negative shopping experience, you can use those points to improve your career site, attract more talent, drive more ROI, and become an even stronger presence in your industry.


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