Is Your Content Too Polished?


Is Your Content Too Polished?

As you post content on your various social media platforms for the purpose of attracting desired candidates, how polished and planned in advance should it be?

The scientific marketer in you says “plan, plan, plan.” Check your metrics and data and analyze all your specific goals before you post. And that’s good advice. Never post without thinking first. (That rule should really apply to life in general, as well!)

But … at the same time … your messaging can sometimes be equally if not more effective when it’s a little more impromptu, natural and fun. As long as it speaks favorably to your company, its culture, and the job openings you’re working to fill.

Taking this approach doesn’t mean you haven’t thought first. Wink, wink … sometimes impromptu, natural and fun is all part of your strategic thinking and planning strategy. Because it conveys that among all the other positive aspects of working for your organization, enjoyment, fulfilment and satisfaction are right up there on the list of reasons why top talent should head your way.

  • Let’s say you’re headed down the hall to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and you spot a group of employees on their break. And they’re break dancing! Or otherwise having some on-the-spot fun before they go back to work. Everything about the image in front of you says, “Oh heck yes! It may be Monday morning and I may have to buckle down in 10 minutes, but right now, I’m just enjoying life with my work friends as we do the hustle in the break room.” What job candidate with any sense of camaraderie wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Paid Versus Organic

Take every opportunity to capture the moment – whether it’s coworkers socializing and supporting one another (or a common cause to benefit the community) or a team brainstorming or “in the zone” as they make progress on their current assignment. There’s no excuse not to: just have your smartphone handy, switch your camera on, and hit record.

That being said, there will also always be a place for paid content, as well as content planned and produced well in advance. Build both into your social recruiting plan.

  • Paid media – whether social or traditional – often allows you to more specifically target your audience. It also may help you reach more people than you otherwise would. You control the frequency and the budget. It may also help boost traffic to your website – and ultimately, conversions as job candidates become applicants.

The best strategy is a hybrid of both preplanned and more spontaneous, organic postings.

Along with your career website, employer branding and job ads, social recruiting is one of the four pillars of effective recruitment marketing. To keep all those pillars strong and up to date, consider partnering with Haley Marketing. Reach out to us today to set up a free 30-minute focus call – and let us help build your successful ongoing strategy from there.

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