How Does Including Salary Help Your Job Posts?


How Does Including Salary Help Your Job Posts?

It’s a commonly-debated question, and a good one: Should you include a salary range on your job posts?

Some employers advocate for leaving it off. But in the interest of transparency and accurate communication with candidates, it’s advisable to incorporate compensation information into your posts. In addition, doing so helps ensure diversity in hiring and helps keep your recruitment process as efficient as possible.

  • Salary transparency laws are passing in more and more states. And they make a real difference in labor force participation. One recent study compared related factors in Colorado – a state where such a law took effect January 1, 2021, to Utah, a bordering state where there is no law. Controlling for both state, characteristics resulted in Colorado having a 1.5 percent boost in its labor force, with the conclusion that candidates felt better applying for jobs in a jurisdiction that mandated pay ranges.

Pay remains a leading factor in seeking a new job.

Even if it’s not the first thing candidates look for, salary information is still of key importance to most applicants. They’re also trying to efficiently manage their job search, just as you are with your candidate selection process. So they don’t want to waste time seeking out information or applying for positions where the pay is too low.

Salary information in job postings can help yield the right applicants.

Including a salary range in your posts is an extra step in successfully vetting candidates. Those who are currently making a higher salary won’t apply, saving you time interviewing them.

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) research has shown that candidates look for salary, qualifications and duties, in that order, as they consider positions. More than 70 percent of candidates reported that they wanted salary ranges included in the first message from any recruiter.

Including salary ranges is inclusive and equitable.

Show that you take equity seriously by posting salary information. It demonstrates that your organization is fair and equitable in compensation across its workforce.

Everyone benefits from transparency.

Offering transparency right from the start helps you build healthy, lasting relationships with desired candidates and is a plus for boosting your reputation as an employer.

  • Keep in mind that salary isn’t job seekers’ only concern. You can further boost your application rate by including as much other relevant information in your posts as possible – especially concerning benefits. This can be a great opening for negotiations in the case of applicants at the high end of your pay range.

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