3 Ways to Get More ROI on Social Media


3 Ways to Get More ROI on Social Media

As you put social media to work for you attracting top talent, your strategy should center on building relationships with candidates and ultimately converting them into applicants.

Like any sale, it’s about growing interest in your brand – in this case, your employer brand, capturing leads, and finally, closing the deal.

1. Generate engagement in your employer brand.

Even if you have the best social platforms out there, it won’t matter if nobody visits them. To drive traffic your way, be sure candidates know and trust your employer brand – and that your social media reflect this.

Your employer brand is like a scorecard from past, present and potential employees, outlining your reputation as a place to work. It can be the differentiator as someone accepts one job over another.

  • A strong employer brand not only helps attract the best crop of talent, but also ensures that more current employees recommend your company to others.
  • Build your employer brand by crafting your unique value proposition, conducting regular audits to make sure you’re staying on track, and continuously improving hiring tools including job descriptions and onboarding. Last but not least, adopt a social media friendly approach with interactive, vibrant pages. Ultimately, a successful employer brand comes down to building great candidate and employee experiences.

2. Use a capture form to instantly get names.

A capture form gets you the name of a candidate because it’s the first place they land when they click a link from social media. You can also look at it as a dedicated landing page.

  • A dedicated landing page has a specific purpose; in this case, trying to convert a job seeker into an applicant. Dedicated landing pages often have helpful links, including a call-to-action (CTA) button.
  • Dedicated landing pages are good for conversions because they encourage immediate action. Page layout and language walk candidates through your communication cycle in a specific way, saving both them and you valuable time.

3. Use tracking codes to monitor conversions.

Tracking codes on a page or in a URL will let you know that a candidate who completed your form came from your social content. They consist of a short piece of code added to the end of a link. It doesn’t affect a page, but the data included in it creates a new version of the link that can be easily tracked. Combined with Google Analytics, tracking codes are one of the most powerful ways to access the results of your social recruitment marketing.

Employer branding, social media, your career site, and job ads and distribution: all work together as the pillars supporting your successful recruitment marketing. It’s a lot. But by working with the right partner, you can not only effectively recruit and retain talent, but save time, reduce wasted spend, and maximize your ROI as you do so. Contact the recruitment experts at Haley Marketing to learn more.

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