Is Your Career Site Looking at These Two Areas?


Is Your Career Site Looking at These Two Areas?

Your career site is often a job candidate’s first point of contact with your company. If they can’t access or understand site content, it may also be their last.

It’s critically important to maximize every candidate’s experience with your organization, starting with that very first click. Two areas where employers sometimes fall short are making their sites easily accessible to persons with disabilities and those who don’t speak or understand English.

Accessibility Results in Better Recruiting

Up to one in four Americans has a disability. By limiting your site access to them, you may not only lose out on potential hires, but also expose yourself to legal risk, should you fail to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Here are some common difficulties job seekers with disabilities may experience with career sites, as well as solutions for those issues:

  • Complex navigation: Make sure your site is programmed with accessibility in mind. Incorporate detailed, consistent navigational elements to accommodate screen readers and nonvisual commands.
  • Timeout restrictions: Many people using assistive technology to access your site require extra time to navigate and complete tasks. Unless they’re absolutely necessary, eliminate or shorten timeout restrictions.
  • Poor screen contrast: Test your site design elements for proper color contrast. This ensures that accessibility for visitors with color blindness or low-vision impairments is not compromised.
  • Video captions: Be sure to include captions and transcripts for all online videos, as well as Facebook Live and YouTube. As an added bonus, captions help increase search engine optimization (SEO) and enhance user engagement.
  • All-text descriptions: Make sure all your digital images are accessible. A good solution for this is alt-text, which is visible to screen readers to enable users to understand the images in front of them. Descriptions should include a summary of the image and any relevant supporting information.

Accessibility Also Applies to Language

English is considered the unofficial language of business worldwide, but nevertheless, it is only primarily spoken by 15 percent of the global population. Making your site multilingual helps expand your candidate base, boost your employer brand, and sharpen your competitive edge in today’s tight labor market.

  • Recent research shows that 66 percent of consumers would pay more for localized products. Whether yours is a local, regional or global business, incorporating multiple languages into your career site can greatly enhance your candidate reach.
  • Being multilingual can significantly boost your page ranks. It enables you to achieve international SEO. Along with accommodating more diverse candidate personas, it also helps simplify your brand message for everyone. And, you gain an advantage over your unilateral competitors who have not yet gone multilingual.

Make the strongest possible first impression on every job seeker who visits your career site by partnering with Haley Marketing as you develop and maintain it – along with optimizing the other pillars of successful recruitment marketing: social recruiting, branding, and job ads and distribution. Contact us today to learn more and set up a free, 30-minute focus call.

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