Is 2023 the Year You Move to Programmatic Job Advertising?


Is 2023 the Year You Move to Programmatic Job Advertising?

Recruiting is never easy – especially in today’s candidate-driven marketplace. Especially if you’re hiring in high volume or struggling with hard-to-fill roles, you need to be smarter, more efficient and more creative than ever when advertising your openings.

For an increasing number of companies, programmatic job advertising is just the ticket.

What is programmatic job advertising?

Programmatic job advertising is the purchasing, publishing and optimizing of job ads by electronic software, rather than by people doing it manually. These ads appear all over the internet, yet they are specifically targeted to your desired candidates.

  • With programmatic, the whole web is at your disposal, not just the popular job boards that tend to be inundated with competing listings.

When you go programmatic, you begin by selecting software. Then, you specify the details of your target demographic and list how many prospects you want to reach.

Programmatic harnesses the browsing data of your ideal candidates, as well as sophisticated algorithms which show them the right ad, at the best time and place, based on the likelihood they will positively engage with it. It does this by using:

  • A/B testing: Also known as split testing, this is a process where two or more ad variants are compared to see which perform the best.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): This technology enables you to automate a whole array of functions and save significant time on things you would otherwise have to do manually.

What are the benefits?

Programmatic job advertising can help ensure a steady improvement of the overall quality of your applicants. It empowers you to laser target your preferred demographics and prevents you from overspending on clicks.

Additional benefits include:

  • Expand your reach: You can easily advertise your openings across multiple publishing networks, some of which you may not otherwise have even been aware of. You can automate your ads to appear in search engines, exchanges, job boards and elsewhere to attract optimum numbers of candidates to the right kinds of jobs.
  • Get actionable insights into how well your ads perform: You’ll be able to gather and analyze metrics that will show which sites give you the best recruitment ROI.
  • Save money: Programmatic can help you reduce cost per applicant, as it means you pay only for ads that will net tangible results.
  • Strengthen your employer brand: You can create different messages that highlight various diverse facets of your company, values and culture. This way, all your relevant audiences get ads that appeal directly to them.
  • Re-target: Candidates who have already visited your ads, but not applied, will be re-targeted; that is, see them again at a later date.

Haley Marketing provides full-service programmatic job advertising and management services. We use technology, experience and testing to get more of the right candidates applying for your jobs, and helping you stay within budget and minimize your cost per applicant. Contact us today to learn more.

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