What are Your Goals with Your Social Recruiting Strategy?


What are Your Goals with Your Social Recruiting Strategy?

With Millennials maturing in the workplace – gaining ground in their careers and moving into leadership roles – and another generation following in their footsteps, social recruiting is here to stay. When today’s top candidates search out prospective employers, they don’t disregard traditional methods all together but, by and large, they go social.

By tapping into the right platforms – not just these, but whichever ones take you where your desired candidates are – you help get your brand message out there, while showing candidates an attractive picture of your company culture.

The Importance of Setting Clear Goals

It’s not enough to start dividing your attention – or your social recruiting budget – between random sites without any clear direction. Instead, set clear, SMART goals and then develop and implement a plan to achieve them. Here are some examples:

  • Improve your quality of hire. This means nailing both hard and soft skillsets and sourcing candidates who will bring value to your company and adapt seamlessly to your culture – thus avoiding any costly hiring mistakes.
  • Speed up your hiring process. If a position is open for too long, it will raise questions in the eyes of candidates, even if they think they’d be a good fit. And once you step on the gas and get your hiring process running, you need to keep the momentum steady and efficient. Otherwise, your candidates won’t hesitate to get off at the next stop and head somewhere else.
  • Lower your cost per hire. This – the sum of your internal and external hiring costs divided by your number of hires – is a defining metric in the overall success of your strategy. Like all budget line items, the bottom line is the bottom line. Set your goal for optimal ROI.
  • Improve your employer brand value. Your company’s image and reputation can be made or broken via social media. You need to be an influencer in a way that attracts and engages top candidates, converts job seekers into applicants, and enlarges your total talent pool.
  • Reduce your employee turnover rate. Some level of churn is a natural part of doing business, but you need to keep a constant eye on turnover rate and establish whatever improvement goals are necessary.

At Haley Marketing, social recruiting – as well as building your employer brand, career site, job advertising direction and other aspects of your successful talent acquisition strategy – is what we do best. In business since 1996, we’re the largest website development and social/content marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries. Our more than 1,400 clients span from solo recruiters to large organizations with regional, national and international reach. Contact us today so we can share ideas and set up a free, 30-minute focus call.

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