How Do You Get More Positive Reviews? Just Ask!


How Do You Get More Positive Reviews? Just Ask!

Your employer brand is out there, whether you tend to it or not. And hiring and retaining top talent is a must, especially in today’s marketplace. So, it’s important to be proactive in managing your brand, including optimizing your online and social media presence – and the reviews that go along with it.

Job candidates circa 2022 are super savvy about doing their research. And no one wants to join a company that has a bad reputation. Company review sites like GlassDoor, Great Place to Work and numerous others are where job seekers go to get to know prospective employers. Whatever the platform, how can you make the most of positive reviews to keep desired candidates engaged and contribute to your long-term business success?

About Those Reviews

By reading reviews and analyzing ratings, candidates gain insight into your working environment and culture, as well as other factors critical to their job seeking direction. To get more positive reviews and boost your employer brand:

  • Be proactive: ask for them. Your current employees are your best brand ambassadors. So, ask them for positive reviews. Of course, don’t make anyone do it. Just say that it would be great if they would share their experience and help attract like-minded talent.
  • Put your profile to work for you. Almost every review site allows employers to create profiles. This enables you to listen to feedback and continuously improve your brand. Complete all the fields to build your profile. Show off whatever is best and most desirable to your target candidates, such as your perks and benefits, location, flexible work schedules, or career growth opportunities.
  • Respond to every review. This shows that you really care about the experiences of current, former and prospective team members. Tailor each response to the individual reviewer – no copying and pasting allowed! When a candidate has taken the time to leave a positive review, take the time to thank them. Thanks = engagement. And, other job seekers will see that you’re listening, which in turn will encourage more feedback.
  • Use positive reviews to your benefit. For instance, when a site allows you to include a rating in a job posting, use this tactic as another way to spread the word that you’re a great company to work for. Provide links to your profile so visitors can go right there to learn more.

There’s a lot involved in employer branding – starting with the ongoing management of social media and reviews and including strategies related to job advertising, your careers page, and more. The expert team at Haley Marketing is here to help. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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