One Data-Driven Decision Collected 50% More Applications


One Data-Driven Decision Collected 50% More Applications


A general staffing agency located in California and Michigan sponsored on two job boards. They came to Haley Marketing to use our programmatic job advertising management service to get more results from its recruitment budget.

In sponsoring on two job boards, the staffing agency wasn’t sure what the ROI was on each of those two jobs. They had the monthly budget but never really analyzed the data to determine which job board brought the most quality applications and placements.

In the beginning, the company had 75% of its budget on Job Board A, averaging $6.65 per application. While 25% of its budget was on Job Board B, averaging $1.85 per application.


Working with their team, our recruitment marketing specialists showcased and presented the data. We showed the 72% difference in cost per application on Job Board A vs. Job Board B. With a large percentage of the budget on the job board with more expensive applications, we recommended that needed to change!

Why did we recommend that change? During the monthly calls with the client, our team showed the data and presented the 72% difference in cost per application. The question that our team asked was “Is there any quality difference between Job Board A and Job Board B?”

Why was that important? If the quality was better on the Job Board with a higher cost per application, then paying that premium would be worth the cost. However, if the quality was similar, it was time to make change.

During those conversations, the staffing agency said the job boards brought very similar quality of applications. Because of that information, our team recommended shifting budget to Job Board B with the goal of driving more applications at the lower cost.


The first month of the change was a blend, with 50% of the budget on each job board. That change led to an additional 436 applications, or a 50.3% increase!

Because of those results, the company actually increased its budget by 25%. With the new budget and net allocation, monthly applications increased by 88%!



Dates Job Board A Apps / CPA Job Board A Spend Job Board B Apps / CPA Job Board B Spend Total Apps/CPA Spend
Month 1 296 / $6.21 $1,838 551 / $1.65 $907 847/$3.24 $2,745
Month 2 456 / $2.95 $1,343 817 / $1.99 $1,628 1,273/$2.33 $2,971
Month 3 425 / $2.09 $887 1,167 / $2.25 $2,624 1,592/$2.21 $3,511

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