Yes, You Need to Pay to Play on Facebook to Get Results


Yes, You Need to Pay to Play on Facebook to Get Results

If you’re debating whether Facebook should be a key part of your social recruitment marketing efforts, you have 2.912 billion reasons to vote “yes.” That’s how many active monthly users the site currently has. And its global advertising audience constitutes more than 72 percent of its total active user base.

It’s not enough to simply post your job openings on Facebook and encourage your employees to do the same – although you can and should do exactly that. But, note that impressive global advertising span again – and avoid your organic reach being limited as your message competes with so many topics and so much other content by adding paid distribution to your strategy. This way, you can get in front of desired candidates by targeting and giving Facebook an incentive to show your content.

How to Best Leverage Facebook Ads

Facebook recruitment is most effective when you leverage your employer brand as you continuously strengthen your talent pipeline.

  • Target your candidate personas. You can select your desired audiences based on geography, age, interests, education, and any other information included on a Facebook user’s profile. This helps get your brand in front of candidates at an efficient price per impression – or view, in Facebook-speak. The type of targeted messaging you can send using the site’s algorithms provides tremendous potential for your content to hit home. This includes those elusive passive candidates, who may not be actively looking for a new job, but are spending time on Facebook.
  • Use compelling images. Once you’ve targeted your desired audience, focus on the composition of your ad itself, starting with an eye-catching image that accurately portrays your employer value proposition (EVP). People are more likely to engage with content that has appealing visuals.
  • Keep your copy concise. Don’t hesitate to be informal on Facebook, especially if your workplace is relatively laid back. Whatever your style, keep your copy brief and to the point. One or two sentences with a strong call to action link is really all you need. When advertising for a specific position, use a link that takes job seekers directly to a clear, user-friendly landing page. Otherwise, link to your careers page. This helps ensure applicants don’t drop out because the process is to cumbersome or they’re unsure what step to take next.
  • Track your progress. Monitor impressions, clicks and applications, rather than likes or shares, although those are important as well. Your endgame goal is to convert clicks into submitted applications, so keep your eye on the prize.
  • Last but not least, make sure your ads are mobile friendly. More than a third of those nearly 3 billion Facebook users access the site via their smartphones.

The ins and outs and growing potential of social media advertising can be a lot to keep up with. If your talent management team needs additional bandwidth or consulting support to stay on track with this and the other pillars of successful recruitment marketing, including your career site, job advertising and employer branding in general, contact Haley Marketing today. Our experts are waiting to talk strategy with you in a free, 30-minute focus call.

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