Do I Need Job Boards Beyond Indeed and ZipRecruiter?


Do I Need Job Boards Beyond Indeed and ZipRecruiter?

You can’t ignore the big guns when it comes to job boards. There are advantages to using both Indeed and ZipRecruiter as tactics in your advertising strategy – but the buck doesn’t stop there. What’s most important and effective is that you know your metrics, especially your cost per application, and that you balance your budget dollars and your recruitment team’s time to maximize your ROI and achieve your desired results.

Nobody has money to burn, especially in today’s job marketplace. So keep your options open, don’t rely solely on your gut instinct, and use technology and data-driven decisions to best manage your job ad spend.

Why You Need More

Indeed and ZipRecruiter are the industry’s largest job search engines. They are generalist sites that aggregate listings from many sources and post positions from virtually every industry and type of employment. But, their strengths can also be their weaknesses. For instance, as new jobs are added every second, posts have tremendously high competition. So, don’t discount them by any means. But remember: Just because a site is large and well known doesn’t mean it’s the only option for reaching desired candidates in a timely manner.

There are literally hundreds of job boards, and most of them “trade” traffic with each other or backfill the inventory on their website. Talroo/Jobs2Careers, Jobcase, Upward, and Talent.com are some of the biggest supplemental job boards to consider.

Get to Know Programmatic Job Boards

When job seekers go online, they find an overwhelming number of platforms, all competing for their attention. There are billions upon billions of pieces of content, all vying to catch candidates’ eyes. So, you can spend a mind-boggling amount of money to try and get your job ads on all those sites and hope for the best – known as the “spray and pray” approach – or you can get strategic. A great way to start off is with programmatic job advertising.

  • Programmatic advertising makes ad buying more efficient and less time consuming. It helps ensure that only the candidates most likely to apply for your jobs are served with your ads.
  • The key differentiator of programmatic is algorithms. Algorithms read your information and use it to determine which specific job boards you should use to reach the right candidates at the right time. And even if “algorithm,” like “programmatic,” is a relatively new term that may make you squirm a bit, the fact is: algorithms can make decisions faster and more accurately than any human can.

Recruitics Reach, Appcast Xclerate, JobAdX, and PandoLogic are programmatic job boards to consider adding to your recruitment strategy.

So, rather than fight change and automation, why not embrace them and use them to your competitive advantage? Programmatic works with various job boards to show you where to post your jobs at the lowest possible cost for the quality and quantity of candidates you need. It also enables you to automate distribution, centralize reporting, and test various job boards before you make a long-term commitment.

What’s Your Next Step?

As you find the right balance between the most well-known job boards and the best for your unique needs, contact Haley Marketing today. We’ll help you examine all the options and design the recruitment marketing strategy that works best for your growing company and its unique talent needs. Let’s get started with a free 30-minute focus call.

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