Landing Pages: What are They and How Do They Land Candidates?


Landing Pages: What are They and How Do They Land Candidates?

You may have heard the IT geeks in your office mention “landing pages” in conversation and shrugged your shoulders … another computer-ese piece of terminology to add to the ever-growing list.

But seriously, what exactly is a landing page … does it even matter to your recruitment success? And if you have one, how does it live up to its name?

Coming in for a Landing

First of all, you should have landing pages. It’s not a question of if, only of how many, where to strategically place them, and how to make them optimally effective in helping to land new talent.

  • A landing page is a focused page of information on your company website that comes up after someone clicks on your ad or content. When it comes to recruitment, the ultimate purpose of a landing page is to convert a candidate into an applicant. To achieve this goal, a page needs to focus specifically on the needs of a job seeker and what they are currently looking for. For instance, as you fill healthcare positions, you might have landing pages for RN, LPN or medical assistant roles.

What Makes a Landing Page Great

Done well, job landing pages can be a potent, conversion-centric part of your applicant funnel and, as a result, contribute to your company’s competitive edge in the talent marketplace. Key page elements should include:

  • Understanding of your target audience: It’s important to your successful conversion rate that you align the message on your landing page to the goals of the candidates who will receive it. This starts with your job descriptions being spot on and geared toward a tailored group of prospects.
  • Design and content that quickly engage candidates: Make sure your landing pages have catchy headlines, impressive graphics, and a captivating design, as well as the right content. This is part of a candidate’s first impression of your company and your employer brand, so make it good. Otherwise, it may also be their last.
  • Simplicity: Don’t divulge every detail of your company and job opportunity on your landing page. Keep it simple, readable, and user-friendly. If all goes as planned, the rest comes later.
  • Accuracy: Well duh. But always a good reminder: double, and then triple check all the information on your page for accuracy and be sure your messages are up to date.
  • A strong call to action: This is where the rubber meets the road. If you want to inspire more target candidates to convert, then step up your call-to-action game. You need a call to action message that motivates site visitors to make an immediate move. Like other areas of your career site, it’s often advisable to test several variations. Even small changes, based on your results, can make a big difference,

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