How Can Your Employer Brand Get More Referrals in 2022?


How Can Your Employer Brand Get More Referrals in 2022?

As 2022 gets under way, employer branding is under greater scrutiny than ever as job candidates decide where they will apply. The ball is in their court. They’re not going to settle as they seek out opportunities to be valued and grow in their careers.

Even though branding has been a known marketing strategy for decades, the exponential growth of the internet has shone the spotlight on its importance. Today, you really need to invest in your brand, and consider how your company is perceived by the candidates you hope to attract and retain.

Build positive reviews.

Employees’ opinions about your company reach far beyond your own walls, especially when they share their views on public forums, as well as on their own social pages. Be proactive in collecting positive feedback from current and former team members on their experiences at your company. Keep the buzz going by responding. Your meaningful replies illustrate your commitment to continuously becoming a better employer.

  • Express your gratitude and address reviewers by name. This creates or builds upon your connection with them and shows you care enough to engage with them on a personal level. Carry on the positive conversation from there.

Prioritize which platforms are most effective for your business.

It’s all about creating a differentiation and preference in the minds of prospective hires.

  • Start with your own career site. Keep its content, including job descriptions, fresh and appealing. Be sure it clearly addresses job seekers’ top concerns, such as flexibility, remote and hybrid work options, and their most desired benefits and perks. The candidate experience begins the moment someone arrives at your site.
  • Make the most of LinkedIn. Research has shown that followers of LinkedIn company pages are three times more likely to apply for jobs found there, 78 percent more likely to respond to InMails, and 10 times more likely to share content with their own followers. The most engaging updates tend to be those that provide a peek at how your business works, employee interviews, events and images, and industry employment tips.

Bank on your brand ambassadors.

Employee referrals are a leading source of hires for virtually every company. Candidates who are referred to a company by one of its employees are four times more likely to result in a hire. And your best employees are also your best brand ambassadors.

  • An employee referral program encourages current team members to really consider the positives of working for your organization and then spreading the word to their network. Provide incentives that will lead to positive social media posts and other forms of widespread sharing.
  • Messaging from your employees is highly credible. So, make the most of this inherent audience trust. Encourage and facilitate employees to share positive brand messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

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