Changing Job Titles? It’s That Simple – 108% More Applications with the Same Budget


Changing Job Titles? It’s That Simple – 108% More Applications with the Same Budget

The Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges in recruitment is naming your jobs what your candidates are searching on Indeed and ZipRecruiter but also naming jobs to be an accurate representation of the job.

For an industrial staffing client in the Southeast, they were struggling with getting applications. Job titles on their postings were too detailed: PE Operator, Dispatcher 1, Clamp Operator.

No one is going to the job boards and searching for those titles.

What does research show that people are searching for? Simple. General. Urgent.

  • Warehouse
  • Now Hiring / Hiring Immediately
  • Machine Operator

So what did this industrial staffing agency change to see its applications double over a four-month span?

The Solution:

The marketing team coached their recruiters to simplify the job titles. Instead of PE Operator, the title is now “General Warehouse.” The recruiters are titling their jobs with simple job titles, think Warehouse | Day Shift or Truck Unloading, to reach a wider candidate base.

Not only are the recruiters getting more applications, but they are also recruiting candidates that can be a fit across multiple jobs. A candidate that applies for a Warehouse job could be qualified for a number of different options in the warehouse.

Not only is the industrial staffing agency getting more applications at a lower cost, but it’s building a bench of candidates to deploy across a number of different jobs.

The Results:

The results speak for themselves here:

  • August: 5,509 applications, $3.97/application, $21,884 spent
  • September: 6,671 applications, $2.94/application, $19,611 spent
  • October: 7,352 applications, $2.67/application, $19,636 spent
  • November: 10,687 applications, $1.81/application, $19,377 spent
  • December: 11,481 applications, $1.75/application, $20,086 spent

Implementing simpler job titles led to a 108% increase in applications with the same budget (actually 8% less spent but we aren’t counting!)

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