How We Drove 600% More Healthcare Applications with a 50% Budget Increase


How We Drove 600% More Healthcare Applications with a 50% Budget Increase

The Challenge:

Healthcare recruiting is hard, no bones about it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

A healthcare startup located in Texas but filling jobs nationwide wanted to be more aggressive with its recruitment marketing spend. They started with $5,000/month, saw good results, but wanted more. They were adding more staff and needed more applications for their team.

By increasing their budget to $7,500, we hoped to see an increase in applications. However, in the first month of the budget increase, the cost per application actually went up by nearly 50%.

Not good!

But, we made adjustments quickly. Here’s what we did.

The Solution:

We implemented three tactics for this client to drive better results with their aggressive strategy in healthcare recruiting.

  1. Higher Jobs to Budget Ratio: We used the software automation to sponsor 2X and 3X more jobs. We don’t want to sponsor fewer jobs, that would actually give the opposite results. We wanted more jobs to have more options for candidates.
  2. Geographic Expansions: Adding suburbs to major cities. Instead of just targeting Charlotte, North Carolina, we also targeted cities within 20 minutes of Charlotte.
  3. Stop Overpaying for Easy-to-Fill Jobs: With the initial budget increase, we found we were overpaying for medical lab technician applications. We adjusted the budget to see great results:

The Results:

Overall, we saw fantastic results. In August, the company had 165 applications at $30.58/application. In the second month, they had 146 applications at $45.97/application.

Then the next three months occurred:

  • October: 307 applications at $22.75/application
  • November: 509 applications at $13.99/application
  • December: 1,012 applications at $7.27/application

6X the applications during a four-month stretch!

Building off the third point from above to stop overpaying for easy-to-fill jobs, these were the results for driving improved results for medical lab technicians:

  • September: 11 applications at $41.12/application
  • December: 154 applications at $7.50/application

Increasing the budget does not mean paying more for less. It should mean paying more to get improved results. That’s where having experts manage the budget, use technology, and put those two skillsets together drives the best results in recruitment marketing spend.

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