Is Facebook Messenger the Answer to Your Recruiting Challenge?


Is Facebook Messenger the Answer to Your Recruiting Challenge?

During the hiring process, effective communication is essential for both job seekers and recruiters. For candidates, it contributes greatly to an overall positive experience and better reviews for your employer brand. And good communication helps recruiters better understand candidates, ultimately leading to more effective hiring decisions.

It all comes down to getting your jobs filled with the right people, faster than your competition, and at the lowest possible cost per hire. You want to land not only active job seekers, but also passive candidates – and nurture relationships with both. Social media, including Facebook and its popular Messenger app, provide excellent opportunities to showcase your brand, focus on your values, and make your open jobs and company culture more appealing to desired talent.

So, what’s so special about Messenger?

You can utilize Facebook Messenger in a number of ways as you continue to shore up your recruiting effectiveness. Start with a call-to-action, asking candidates to leave a message if they’re interested in a job or a closer look at your organization. Or, run ads that lead users to click straight to your message.

And then, there are Messenger bots.

Since its inception in 2011, Messenger has gained approximately 800 million users worldwide. One of its most valuable features for recruiting is chatbots that can auto-screen candidates, asking them initial interview questions. Bots enable you to:

  • Capture candidate responses to initial screening questions, so that only those individuals who meet your basic qualifications will proceed to the next step in your hiring process.
  • Avoid having to sift through every application. This is a win-win, as it saves your staff oodles of time, and also reduces the time candidates have to wait before knowing if and when they will land an interview.

In short, Messenger bots work for you by analyzing user data to help your hiring team fill its lead funnel and manage those leads automatically. They are smart enough to create conversations and engagement opportunities with the right job seekers, based on candidates’ online behavior and actions.

Check out this success story …

One company used Messenger to create a smoother, more efficient recruiting process – and it paid off in spades, as the organization’s cost-per-hire decreased by an outstanding 84 percent.

  • The company handled simultaneous candidate inquiries and provided real-time responses, along with conducting initial screenings, all through Messenger. As a result, they were able to interview 3,000 candidates in just three months and save 12,000 hours of work. Last but not least, they saw a 15 percent increase in conversion rates.

Along with your career site, employment branding, and job boards and distribution, social recruiting is one of the four pillars of successful recruitment marketing. For more ideas on using Facebook and other social platforms, as well as optimizing other aspects of your 2022 hiring strategy, contact the Haley Marketing team today. Let’s discuss your recruitment vision and how to turn it into reality.


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