The First Three Months – 215% More Apps and 69% Lower Cost CPA


The First Three Months – 215% More Apps and 69% Lower Cost CPA

The Challenge:

Making an impact in the beginning of any new marketing or recruitment program is vital. At Haley Marketing, we take pride on the recruitment marketing team in making that impact during the first three months.

For this industrial staffing client in Wisconsin and Minnesota, they had the challenge of just not getting enough applications. Their geography makes it difficult due to some physical boundaries to recruiting candidates.

In the first month, we saw that challenge – $21.51 CPA and only 93 applications.

So what did we do?

The Solution:

Leveraging some tactics in programmatic software, we implemented geographic expansions and title expansions. Instead of the job just appearing as custodian, it also appeared as janitor. Instead of the job just appearing in Sparta, Wisconsin, it also appeared in Rockland, Wisconsin, Tunnel City, Wisconsin, and other cities.

By programming the software to look for those base titles and base cities, we can automate the A/B testing with job titles and automate the creation of additional jobs in surrounding cities.

That allowed our team to keep the same budget but increase the jobs by 3X in the second month and to 5X by the third month.

Finally, our third tactic focused on adding an additional publisher. Instead of just focusing 100% of the budget on Indeed, we took about 15% of the budget and mixed in ZipRecruiter to supplement the Indeed traffic.

The Results:

The combination of all three tactics brought awesome results!

  • Month 1: $21.51 CPA, 93 applications
  • Month 2: $8.86 CPA, 217 applications
  • Month 3: $6.60 CPA, 298 applications

This client was really challenging. Our team was more aggressive to drive these results, but it paid off by the second and third months. That initial impact was vital to proving Haley Marketing as a valuable partner to our clients and to making an impact in delivering more applications for the same job spend budget!

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