Calls to Action: How Many Do You Need – and What Type?


Calls to Action: How Many Do You Need – and What Type?

Calls to action (CTA) on your career site are key marketing tactics as you steer desired candidates toward taking the next step and converting into applicants. If you don’t already them, you should. And if you do, are they working for you?

Each page on your site should have a clear, sensible flow, with a CTAs strategically placed within the text, on sidebars, or possibly as a fly-in. Regardless of their placement, they should be attractive and feature wording that entices prospective hires to click.

Short and Sweet

Keep your CTAs short and to the point. A maximum of five words is a good rule of thumb. Also be sure that your CTAs:

  • Include action verbs, as well as other wording that incites action; for instance, “Apply Now, Submit Your Application Here,” or “Join Our Family.”
  • Are easily visible. This may mean using a stand-out color while remaining within brand standards or increasing the font size so it’s noticeable, but not so large as to draw attention away from the actual content.

Even if a candidate isn’t ready to apply on the spot, your CTAs can spark positive action. They may prompt someone to:

  • Comment: The deeper a candidate feels they are in a conversation with you, the more likely they are to walk further down the path towards working for you. In psychology, this is called a commitment theory or consistency principle. So, leave a place for people to leave a comment or send an email directly to your team.
  • Receive job alerts: Offer the option for candidates to receive new job descriptions that are relevant to them; for instance, by department or location. This can be a completely automated process, so you get a free candidate flow with no additional work on your part.
  • Join your talent community: With this CTA, you ask candidates to stay in touch with you and vice versa, so you can fill them in on company news as well as future opportunities. Your team then has the option to follow up either manually or via an automated messaging system.
  • Share: Every site visitor should have the option of sharing your jobs through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Best practice is to make this share process as user friendly as possible. The sharer shouldn’t have to sign in to any program to participate, just be free to share with a single click and then a confirmation. If your job descriptions are content rich and you want to get more elaborate, you can provide an embed link, allowing anyone to embed the code of your job onto their own web pages.

A Word on Split Testing

You may want to split test CTAs to determine which of two options candidates respond to best. For instance, try out different placements on your page, different spots within copy, or different color schemes. Run two nearly identical versions and then track the results against one another based on their differences. After enough views, you’ll have your answer.

For expert guidance in designing or fine tuning your career site, including CTAs with optimal effectiveness, split testing techniques and other strategies, make it your call to action to contact Haley Marketing today.

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