It’s OK to Ask for Testimonials

It’s OK to Ask for Testimonials

Employer branding should be high on your list of priorities when it comes to sourcing desired talent – because your reputation as an employer directly affects the type and quality of candidates you attract. The harsh truth is: if your image is less than stellar, top talent won’t hesitate to pass you by and go elsewhere.

Consider these statistics:

And when it comes to successful branding, the right employee testimonials can convince candidates that you are a dynamic, rock-solid employer with a winning company culture that they can totally get behind. So, yes, it’s more than okay to ask for and facilitate testimonials as a way to support your winning brand.

Take control of the narrative.

Today’s candidates want to work for companies that inspire purpose, value innovation, and offer professional growth, as well as flexible benefits and work/life balance. It’s a tall order, but one you can fill by controlling the narrative around all your marketing messages, including the generation of powerful testimonials.

  • Not only do employee reviews show potential candidates what you offer, but applicants prefer to hear this message directly from the horse’s mouth. This is where the real credibility lies. People tend to trust the voice of rank-and-file employees more so than that of CEOs or other top-level executives.

When they research a company, job seekers want:

  • Information on its culture and their potential future colleagues.
  • Answers to why people would want to work there.
  • Information about a company’s values.
  • Details regarding the product or service a company offers.

So, facilitate the creation of testimonials – both video and written – that deep dive into:

  • Your company’s vision.
  • How that vision impacts and solves customers’ problems.
  • The positive, unique features of your work environment.
  • Opportunities for professional growth.
  • External buzz about your company and industry that authentically meshes with your employees’ stories.

Capitalize on the power of video.

People are more likely to share video than other content, so use it to your advantage as you develop effective testimonials. Combining the shareability of content and the trustworthiness of your employees, videos can be very powerful in reaching desired candidates and bolstering your image.

  • Testimonial videos should be short and simple to follow.
  • Authenticity is key as a video portrays the best of your genuinely happy workplace culture.
  • Formats might be employees telling their own stories and framing them against your company’s broader context. Or, opt for a Q&A format. For instance, ask employees what they like best about their job, question them about specific processes, or delve into your most attractive benefits and perks.

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