How to Use Your Website to Build Your Email List


How to Use Your Website to Build Your Email List

Are you looking to optimize your recruitment marketing efforts to draw in better candidates, fill jobs faster, and get the most bang for your budget bucks?

A targeted email list can be a highly effective tool to help make this happen. And there’s no better place to create one than on your career website.

Where to Start

Rather than shooting in the dark when it comes to building your email list, consider these strategies to realize the maximum ROI and see results happen faster:

  • Add a call to action to your blog posts. For instance, you could create a relevant checklist e-book or articles that readers can receive after opting into your email list.
  • Use pop-ups. You can choose to have them delay for a period of time so they appear only after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your site. Or, have them appear only if someone is about to exit a page.
  • Advertise on social media. Many platforms allow you to upload a list of your current email subscribers, and then will deliver your ads to people similar to those on the list you imported.
  • Offer incentives. If you have an offer like an e-book or whitepaper, think about promoting it to your social media followers.
  • Add a link to your opt-in landing page underneath your email signature.
  • Comment on forums and blogs where your targeted candidates spend time online. Contribute to conversations by offering helpful comments. Always include a link back to your own site or blog posts, where visitors can subscribe to your email list.
  • Include a forward-to-a-friend link. This will encourage current email subscribers to forward your emails on to others. Make sure the link redirects those individuals to a page where they can opt in to receive your messages directly.
  • Add QR codes to marketing materials. Use codes to print materials that give readers access to additional bonus material – and create a QR code that requires the viewer to enter their email address in exchange for it.
  • Be a guest blogger. Identify blogs that target your audience and create content that includes a call to action to visit your site and sign up for your email list.
  • Make things mobile friendly. Encourage candidates to subscribe to your email list from their smartphones. Services are available that allow people to join your list just by sending a text message.
  • Collect email addresses in person or via remote meetings as you network. With the permission of a professional group, you could also email their member list about your services and include a link to subscribe to your email list.
  • Add a call to action on your About page. Include an opt-in form for visitors who go to this page to learn more about your company.

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