Your Competitors Are Doing Recruitment Marketing – Why Aren’t You?

Your Competitors Are Doing Recruitment Marketing – Why Aren’t You?

This isn’t just a post focused on the staffing industry. It’s focused on recruiting candidates – but we know those candidates (more than likely) aren’t looking exclusively at the staffing industry. Those candidates are looking at jobs in an industry with a similar skill level and pay range.

That’s your competition. And those are the companies doing recruitment marketing.

What do I mean?

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

At Haley Marketing, we define recruitment marketing as everything it takes to get the right person to apply to your open jobs. That’s very applicable as our recruitment marketing team constantly hears about unqualified candidates applying to jobs.

Building off that definition of recruitment marketing, we break it down into four pillars:

  • Career Sites
  • Job Advertising
  • Social Recruiting
  • Employer Branding

(and candidate automation is sneaking in as a fifth pillar)

Why Is Recruitment Marketing Important?

There are two ways to look at this: one is by sticking into the talent acquisition space, and the other is by focusing on our behavior as consumers.

We can find endless statistics, but here are a few stats that focus on why recruitment marketing is important:

  • The Best Candidates Are off the Market in 10 Days
  • 59% of Candidates Visit a Company’s Website After DISCOVERING a Job (LinkedIn)
  • High-Volume Candidates Apply to an Average of 14 Jobs (7/11 Presentation at UNLEASH Conference)
  • Employee Turnover Can Be Reduced by 28% by Investing in Employer Brand (Workleap)

Speed wins. Candidates apply to a lot of jobs. The best candidates do research and then stay longer at the best companies.

I won’t bore you with research for the consumer behavior side of this argument, but I challenge you to think about recent purchases or products you’re monitoring:

  • Do you go back to the same brands because of brand loyalty? Why? Do you leave brands after a bad experience?
  • How do you research a new purchase? What are you looking at? Reviews? Testimonials? Social comments? The actual website?
  • When you visit a website for a product or service, where else do you see their ads and how often?
  • Do you sign up for newsletters? Why?

Those are tactics that all companies should be doing with their jobs. Changing jobs is like a big purchase. Candidates will do research. They’ll think about it.

You can make an impact with a great career site, well-written jobs, engaging social posts and a sterling employer brand.

So, Who Is Doing Recruitment Marketing?

Your competition is doing recruitment marketing – think about your competitors in the market, and I bet they are using marketing tactics to get more qualified candidates:


Here’s my challenge to you: Be the staffing company in your market with the best recruitment marketing. You don’t need a big budget. You don’t need to do everything at once.

  • Start by looking at your career site – does it truly reflect your company? Change photos. Look at the content for employee testimonials and recruiter profiles.
  • Do your job postings reflect your employer branding? Remember WIIFM – What’s in It for Me (the candidate).
  • Does your social media content make someone WANT to work for your company?
  • When a candidate searches your company name, are you proud of what shows up in the search results and testimonial sites? Start proactively collecting testimonials!

Looking to Improve Your Company’s Recruitment Marketing?

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