Hot Jobs for a Cool Season: Keeping Job Ads Interesting This Summer

Hot Jobs for a Cool Season: Keeping Job Ads Interesting This Summer

The task of filling seasonal jobs comes with challenges, but also opportunities – as long as employers tailor their advertising strategy accordingly. With the right plans in place, companies can meet all their summer hiring needs and often, strengthen their permanent and long-term talent bench in the process.

Make sure your ads are clear and concise.

All your job descriptions should be succinct and reader-friendly. Candidates should be able to skim through your ad to gain a basic understanding of the position and see whether it will work for them.

  • Include any details that pertain to the seasonal nature of the job, such as a wider selection of hours or specific requirements.
  • Highlight the summer perks. From employer discounts to breaks on major holidays, these are the sort of benefits that make an employer stand out from the competition.
  • If you’re offering the opportunity for a summer job to grow into a permanent opportunity, share this information as well.
  • Present all these details in clear bullet points. Avoid tiresome paragraphs or industry jargon.

Post to multiple job boards.

In addition to the major players like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, this includes niche job boards like CoolWorks. Cast a wide net to maximize your exposure.

CoolWorks is a job board for work in resorts, camps, sports lodges, and other sites that hire seasonally. With part time and seasonal listings in almost every state, CoolWorks provides free access to a wide range of possibilities.

  • While most jobs involve physical activity – being a camp counselor or nature guide, for instance – some also require professional expertise in areas like bookkeeping or general management.
  • CoolWorks also encourages athletic retirees to search available positions, since seniors often have important soft skills like patience that are highly valued in the hospitality field. So, seasonal work doesn’t have to be advertised as strictly a young person’s game.

Pique the interest of passive candidates.

Passive job seekers may take more time during the summer to pay attention to job opportunities – and your seasonal positions may be a good place for them to start. As you appeal to passive candidates, work around major holiday periods. The bottom line is: the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to stop and think about what you have to offer.

Remember: summer hiring lasts all season.

Even if you have initially filled all your summer positions, be prepared for the possibility of turnover or unexpected high-demand periods that may require you to return to the hiring well.

  • Go back to your job descriptions and update them if needed.
  • Also, return to applications you have received and passed on during your first recruitment round. They may still be looking for summer work.

Crafting and posting winning job ads is a year-round job. Regardless of the season, turn to Haley Marketing to benefit from unparalleled expertise and insight. Contact us today to learn more.

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