Career Site Evolution: From Static Pages to Interactive Experiences

Career Site Evolution: From Static Pages to Interactive Experiences

The best candidates on the market leave no stone unturned as they research prospective employers. Beyond learning the basic facts about a job opportunity, they want a real feel for what it would be like to work for a company. Ideally, they want to immerse themselves in the entire experience of joining a new team and taking their next career step.

They’re also increasingly tech-savvy – and impressed by employers who share this quality.

Here’s where the value of an engaging, interactive career site comes into play.

Your Career Site Goals

When you add interactive elements to your career page, you can better engage candidates on a personal level, as well as set your company apart from competitors who may not provide the same tailored and immersive experience.

Virtual Tours

Interactive virtual tours take your social media efforts and online presence to new levels, delivering a communication experience unmatched by static content. There are numerous ways to build your tour, weaving in your culture and company personality to allow recruits to self-discover your organization in a highly captivating way.

  • 360-degree photos and videos open the door for candidates to “look around” your physical space to get a better impression of what’s waiting for them there.
  • Interactive career page elements might include embedded videos, polls and quizzes, tools and widgets, chatbots, infographics, social share buttons, and more.

Beyond your physical space, your tours can highlight features that portray your unique culture, such as open workspaces, weekly happy hours, or dog-friendly offices. And, you can paint a picture of the surrounding community – especially important to talent that would need to relocate if hired.

Job Simulations

Job simulations are assessments that supersede more general tests as they focus on the specific tasks required in a role. Offering them online lets you use results earlier on in your hiring process to narrow down your applicant list – whether you make the choice or candidates decide to opt-out.

  • Job simulations provide data on relevant job skills, allowing you to test for them in a realistic setting. They also provide deeper insights into candidates; for instance, you can get a better sense of their personalities, how they respond to stress, and whether they would be a good fit with your team.
  • By assessing job simulation results, you can also avoid hiring bias. Even on a phone versus in-person interview, you can hear a candidate’s voice, which can be enough for certain ideas to form. Using job sim software, you steer clear of this potentially dangerous bias.

Let the Haley Marketing team help as you develop the latest tools and tactics for a state-of-the-art career page that will stop candidates in their tracks. We can also assist with the other pillars of your effective recruitment strategy including social media, job advertising, and employment branding. Contact us today to set up a free introductory call.

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