What Does It Take to Build a Successful Culture-Driven Company?

What Does It Take to Build a Successful Culture-Driven Company?

Your company culture – the shared set of beliefs, values, attitudes, standards, and behaviors that define you as an organization – is instrumental in making your workforce effective. Done right, it is the bedrock of your employer brand, as it positions you as an employer of choice.

Your culture shows in all aspects of your business: your work, your products or services, your employees, and your results. And, it all begins with your leadership.

How Leadership Shapes Culture

It’s up to your company leaders to drive your successful culture. They do this by:

  • Inspiring themselves and others to achieve more, move outside their comfort zones, and encourage continuous improvement in all areas.
  • Keeping your organization’s mission, vision and values in the forefront of employees’ and other stakeholders’ minds.
  • Communicating all those key elements of your brand through not only their words but also their actions.

Communicating Your Culture Through Employer Branding

A good cultural fit between job candidates and your business is a must. From the top of your organization down, this is essential to building and retaining top talent. The most successful companies use their employer branding to set themselves – and their culture – apart from the competition.

So, what exactly are today’s job seekers looking for in potential employers? As you solidify and communicate your culture, here are some examples:

  • Flexibility: This applies to their work options, locations and schedules, as well as to their benefits. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. Be open to optimal work/life balance and let employees set their own time frames, as long as the right results are delivered on time.
  • Growth and development opportunities: Team members want to know they add value in their work. In doing so, they seek continuous skill development and meaningful growth opportunities. Be sure your organization maintains this priority.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB): Be sure your leadership, culture, and employer branding clearly illustrate and put your stance on DEIB into practice. Highlight corporate initiatives and feature them in action.
  • Sustainability: Devote resources and talent on developing and implementing corporate sustainability in terms of health, poverty, education, and the environment.
  • Community involvement: According to one recent report, 64 percent of millennials said they wouldn’t work for a company unless it was socially responsible. Maintain the momentum when it comes to community service and volunteering. Be known as a good corporate neighbor.

Be sure to keep all aspects of your culture prominent in your branding, so this message cascades from the top down. For additional insights in building your brand, along with other key recruitment marketing pillars including your website, job advertising and social media, contact Haley Marketing today.

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