How Recruitment Marketing Can be a Winning Sales Strategy

How Recruitment Marketing Can be a Winning Sales Strategy

For months, all the talk in the staffing industry has been about job orders – whether it’s current clients reducing their need for staffing companies or the challenge of getting new job orders. On top of that – getting new job orders has basically been “order taking” for a number of years, so it’s a huge challenge to get your internal staff to get out there and find those new orders!

While we have a lot of great content at Haley Marketing about sales, this newsletter is going to flip the marketing strategy behind sales a little bit.

What if you used your recruitment marketing success to get more business?

Here’s what I mean.

Quality. Quality. Quality.

The top challenge our recruitment marketing team hears about candidate applications is summed up in one word – “quality.” While there are inherent challenges in quality candidates for staffing companies (staffing agencies wouldn’t exist if companies could hire on their own), the quality of active candidates continues to be the biggest obstacle for recruiters in the staffing industry.

What if your company could shape its sales marketing around the quality of your candidates – that’s your differentiator?

When looking at your database, it’s time to focus on these two questions:

  • Do you have quality candidates already and just have to market them?
  • Do you need quality candidates, and then you can market them?

There’s a big difference in the answer to those two questions. In the first one, you already have the candidates and can skip the next section. In the second one, it’s time to build your bench of quality candidates before using your recruitment marketing as a sales strategy.

Focus on these areas of your recruitment marketing to improve quality:

  • Better Quality Candidates
  • Skill Marketing
  • Faster to Fill
  • Building the Bench

Building Your Bench

This last point in the list above correlates to the three other points. If you can build your bench with better quality candidates, you can skill market them (correctly) and highlight how your staffing company is faster to fill openings than any of your competitors.

On top of getting active candidates, showcasing the “silver medalists” is a fantastic way to build your bench. You sent out five candidates for a company, and they only took two as placements, so you have three qualified candidates as “silver medalists.” They’re ready to work and you don’t have to go out and re-recruit them. They’re already in your database.

Put It All Together – What To Share With Clients/Prospects

When you’ve built the bench, highlight that to your current clients or prospect list. Don’t just send a boring email that lists what you have. Get creative and demonstrate how you can help right away.

If you’re a manufacturing staffing company, highlight that you have 20 CNC machinists ready to work tomorrow and calculate the revenue gained by that company by working with you. Showcase they would make $XX,XXX tomorrow due to you having 20 qualified candidates.

Talk to your current clients and build some case studies – but focus on that ROI. Find out how you’ve helped them complete more projects, get more products out the door, and improve a customer service metric.

We’re all getting spammed with emails that present “a great project manager” or “three talented creative professionals” ready to help you. Be better than what’s spamming your inbox and showcase that true ROI you can bring to them right away!

Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Today!

If you are looking for help with your recruitment marketing – we’re here to help! Check out RecruitmentMarketers.com to learn more about the four pillars of recruitment marketing – career sites, job advertising, social recruiting, and employer branding.

We have great content – recruitment marketing blogs, LinkedIn Live videos, a Smart Recruiting Guide – to help you improve on those four pillars of recruitment marketing and find better quality candidates!

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