Beyond SEO: Enhancing Career Site Visibility

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Beyond SEO: Enhancing Career Site Visibility

As you maximize your career site visibility, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Other elements play key roles in your ongoing strategy – and the top ones among them are multimedia, user-generated content, and the effective use of social media.

Go Multimedia: Originality is Key

When strategically paired with text, multimedia content can yield amazing results. Depending on your specific talent needs and budget, there are myriad ways to collect and effectively utilize multimedia – but keeping it authentic and original is a universal strong point.

For instance, while a good stock photo can serve a helpful purpose, if you were considering purchasing a product – or going to work for a specific employer – wouldn’t you rather see an original image, video or slideshow produced by an actual employee or customer?

Ideas for creating the best multimedia content include:

  • Turning to your employee brand ambassadors for photos and videos of themselves and their team members at work. Showcase collaboration, new product development and innovation, and celebrations of milestones, and achievements. Last but not least, focus on the everyday happenings that are woven into your winning company culture.
  • Asking loyal customers to submit content of themselves using your products with positive results.
  • Holding contests for content submission.

Minimize Spend and Maximize Your ROI

Multimedia content may or may not be user-generated – and while you can pay for some content elements, there are numerous ways to garner UGC (user-generated content) without the unnecessary depletion of precious budget dollars.

  • Keep encouraging your employees to share. As they submit, they can use also hashtags, tags and links. Consider campaigns and/or incentives to motivate people to share UGC, such as featuring individual employees, as well as their content, on your site as well as in your newsletter and on social media.
  • Use tools like Google Alerts to track mentions of your brand name. Then, you can identify positive UGC including testimonials, ratings and feedback. You can – and should – respond to negative or constructive content.

USG not only enhances brand awareness but also creates greater authenticity. When you spot USG that resonates with your talent strategy, be sure to ask permission and be ready to credit its creators. This is about both respect for your stakeholders and legal responsibility.

Connect Website Strategy to Social Media Success

The average internet user has more than five social media accounts. By connecting your website and its content to the platforms where your targeted talent hangs out, you ensure you don’t miss vital opportunities to connect with job candidates.

  • Cut through the noise to zero in on the right people. As you build relationships via LinkedIn, Facebook, X and more (hint: don’t overlook niche sites tailored specifically to your needs and vacancies), remember to participate in the right groups and conversations.
  • Find great cultural fits. Social media enables you to learn people’s hobbies, interests and personalities, as well as their professional backgrounds and skillsets.

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