The Rise of Virtual Recruitment Events & How They Help

The Rise of Virtual Recruitment Events & How They Help

Employers have used video interviews and related technology to bolster their talent acquisition efforts for several decades. And of course, online efforts reached new heights during the Covid-19 pandemic, when in-person meetings were impossible.

While virtual recruitment events are not new, they have become standard practice in recent years. On-site recruiting continues, and the value of in-person meetings with shortlisted candidates cannot be overemphasized. But the benefits of virtual recruitment events are many – for employers, for candidates, and for cultivating strong relationships between them.

Virtual recruitment events enable your hiring team to:

Reach a Wider Audience

The open and flexible access of virtual events naturally creates a larger applicant pool because candidates can easily participate from anywhere in the world. Depending on your software, you can accommodate as many attendees as you wish – without having to find physical venues or deal with related logistics. This gives you a larger talent pool to choose from.

  • Plus, job postings and branding through virtual modes reach more job seekers. Today’s workforce looks for jobs first through online mediums.

Cut Costs

In addition to eliminating the need for physical event space and planning, with virtual recruitment events, you cut the costs associated with sending people to events – travel, meals, and last but not least, time spent away from other responsibilities. With virtual events, your hiring team members can hope in and out from their workspaces, wherever those may be. You can also use digital downloads instead of printed materials, adding to your savings with the added benefit of helping the environment.

Foster Meaningful Connections with Candidates

Transparency and authentic communication are critical to building relationships with potential hires – and virtual recruitment events help create the positive, relaxed atmosphere that is often the first step toward cementing these connections. On your end, your recruiters can easily access profiles and resumes during conversations, which facilitates the alignment of candidates’ career interests and values with your business and its needs.

  • Candidates are in their own environment and tend to also be more ready to engage as a result.
  • With the right technology, candidate follow-up is easier, as you can readily access resumes, profile data, and supplemental materials.

Build Diversity and Equity

Hiring bias is always a concern during your hiring process. When you recruit virtually, you’re likely less distracted by irrelevant details about candidates’ appearance and can therefore focus more on what they have to say and potentially contribute to your company. In essence, being more inclusive with your virtual recruiting programs allows greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in your candidate pool and ultimately, your workforce.

As you design and implement your job advertising strategies, be sure to keep virtual recruitment events in your toolbox. For more ideas on how to optimize these and other proven recruitment plans and tactics, contact Haley Marketing today. Let our team get you started with a free 30-minute focus call.

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