Breaking the Mold: How Job Advertising Has Evolved

Breaking the Mold: How Job Advertising Has Evolved

When it comes to optimizing your job advertising ROI, you can’t just put all your eggs in one basket and expect them to hatch into effective results.

Competition is stiffer and money is tighter than ever, so you need to plan and execute your methods and outlets strategically. Two steps in the right direction are putting the latest technology to work for you and creating unique campaigns around each and every job posting.

Technology has never been better.

New technology is constantly evolving to help you find and hire the best talent quickly and successfully.

  • Use AI to help create the best job descriptions. They allow you to easily create new job postings, get well-written descriptions with relevant titles, and create general templates to make it easier to replicate for similar positions down the line.
  • Make programmatic advertising part of your plan. Programmatic advertising empowers you to laser target your ideal demographic, create rules and a structure to optimize ROI and avoid overspending on clicks. Using analytics, you gain useful insights into how your ads actually perform and can make any necessary adjustments.
  • Put social media to work for you. Thoughtful use of various social platforms opens up your talent pool beyond just applicants who respond to your postings. You can also use social media to connect with existing contacts and referrals.

Cut through the noise with winning job ad campaigns.

Treat every job ad as the unique and important entity it is – and build an individual campaign around each one. Key elements of each campaign include:

  • Showcasing your unique culture: Focus on elements that differentiate you from the competition. How can you grab candidates’ attention and make them realize they would fit with you better than anywhere else? Is it your values? Your benefits? Why do people stick around?
  • Using research to target your audience: As you define and highlight the best parts of your culture, think about who might be the best fit. A great place to start is with your current employees. Once you nail your target audience, the rest starts to fall into place.
  • Crafting the right message: Use the results of your research and cultural definition to develop compelling messaging to be used in all your marketing tools and tactics. A helpful piece of this is often a creative tagline for your brand. Make sure all your messaging is clear and concise, and speaks directly to what makes you unique.

Are your creative juices flowing now?

Haley Marketing’s experienced team can help build strategies to increase response and achieve desired results from your job ads, as well as shore up your career website, increase the impact of your social recruiting, and shore up your employer brand. We’ve been doing all of the above for nearly three decades, serving more than 1,400 regional, national and international staffing firms. Contact us today to learn more.

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