AI-powered Recruiting: Ways to Become More Efficient RIGHT NOW

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AI-powered Recruiting: Ways to Become More Efficient RIGHT NOW

Everyone knows they need artificial intelligence, but we aren’t really sure what we need. New tools get introduced every day – all promising more efficiency and better output than anything humans can do.

But it can be overwhelming. It feels impossible to keep up, and if you don’t add artificial intelligence to your tech stack, it’s easy to feel you are falling behind.

Right now – you aren’t falling behind. BUT if your company doesn’t find the right AI tools to help your business, you will be falling behind – soon!

From a recruitment marketing standpoint – let’s look at different parts of the recruitment process and how you can find AI tools to help. This blog won’t feature specific tools, but we’re going to walk through all parts of recruiting and think about how to use AI in better ways than what we are doing right now.


It’s where we need to start. What titles are candidates searching for? That might not be artificial intelligence, but finding a tool that compiles the data while providing your recruiters with suggestions is AI that is very easy to implement right now.

Asking for the top 10 titles to hire a registered nurse in a primary care office is low-hanging fruit, but it’s still effective. Searching for the most-searched job titles for warehouse jobs or accounting professionals should lead to more success. You might think you know the right job titles, but the data never lies.


At a staffing agency, it’s easy for job descriptions (advertisements, postings) to get stale. The perpetual motion of jobs in and jobs out makes it difficult to write a unique posting each time you get a new order.

Let’s use AI to help us out:

  • Create a library for your job postings. If you can have 5-10 postings in your library, it’s much easier to cycle through different job posting versions.
  • Ask AI to write different formats – provide that format in your prompt. The AI will provide one format, but if you want something else, teach the AI what format you want.


Use your human touch to focus on the culture side and what’s really unique to your company. Leverage AI to write the standard language that must be in the posting.


Companies can be very particular about the imagery on their website and content. If you’ve ever tried to find stock imagery that fits “your brand” – it can feel impossible!

Can you use AI to either find your image or create your image? What tools will find the right images for you, or better yet – if you input what you want for your employer brand, can it create something original?


Staffing agencies have paid a lot of money to build their candidate database. They don’t want to constantly pay for the same candidate or an unqualified candidate who is sending in information from the job boards.

Can you find the right AI (maybe in your ATS?) that can look at the job description, look at a candidate profile, and produce a list of candidates? Even better – could AI automatically contact the candidates and maybe even schedule an interview for your recruiter?


Here’s how combining AI and your tech stack could provide a fully analytical and data-driven approach to your hiring.

Job order comes in, and you automatically get job title options based on a taxonomy of the most effective job titles as well as a fully rewritten job description. That optimized job posting (which was done automatically) gets posted to your career site and out to the job boards. It also scans your current database at the same time (as well as possibly some other sourcing tools.)

In your inbox comes a report:

  • Job titles to consider for this job if the first option doesn’t work.
  • Job description variations to consider using.
  • Salary rates for the local market.
  • Recruitment budget for the job based on the average placement revenue for this position.


It sounds trite – but the options are really limitless. The best advice from the team at Haley Marketing is to learn as much as possible. As you learn, implement slowly. Your competition probably isn’t implementing at lightning speed, but they also aren’t sitting still. (and if they are sitting still – you’re going to zoom past them!)

If you are looking for help with your recruitment marketing – the team at Haley Marketing is here to help. Contact our team today to get started on finding the right candidates for your open jobs!

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