How to Attract Passive and Past Candidates

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How to Attract Passive and Past Candidates

In a competitive landscape and with job board costs increasing, recruiting is still a challenge in many industries. Staffing and recruiting companies need to ensure their recruitment marketing strategy has tactics and efforts to reach passive candidates in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Yes, active job seekers are always great to add to your talent pipeline, but why leave any stone unturned? Especially given today’s economic status, top talent may already have a current job, or they may not be actively searching for a new role. By ensuring your company has a strategy for passive and past candidates, you can widen the net for your overall recruiting efforts.

  1. Building and Maintaining Relationships

Relationship building is a crucial part of any business activity, but when attracting past or passive workers, it is even more important! Make a dedicated effort to keep in touch with your past candidates and employees, with a balance of helpful and interactive content, but also showing them there are still opportunities for a change with your company. It’s imperative not to overload your messaging with job post after job post; passive candidates need a different approach compared to active job seekers.

  1. Utilizing your ATS and Automation

A company’s ATS can be one of its best friends, and even recruiter if used correctly and with automation. How many candidates are in your ATS? When was the last time you reached out to your long list of past candidates or employees? By incorporating automation efforts into your ATS, you can quickly find qualified workers for new job orders, giving you a list of job seekers who already know you!

  1. Social Media

Having a social media presence for your company can be a huge advantage against the competition when it comes to attracting passive candidates. These people aren’t actively looking for jobs on job boards or online, so where else can they interact with your company? By utilizing social media, your team can stay top-of-mind for those candidates who already have a job and may be looking for a change or for candidates who spend their time on sites other than job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

  1. Personalized, Value Add Content:

Content may be one of the most critical aspects of attracting past and passive candidates. Take a second to put yourself in the shoes of a passive job seeker. Do you want to see posting after posting when you already have a job or might not be ready for a career change?

Instead, focus on content that users can interact with, whether it revolves around your geolocation, holidays, or helpful and informative content, displaying yourself as an expert in the industry. Again, building relationships with this group of candidates is very important, so ensuring your communication is personalized can go a long way when sharing content and building your employer brand with passive job seekers.

“Power of Social Recruiting: More Than Just Job Postings!”

Social Media has continued to grow exponentially over the past decade, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Since so many people actively use social media each day, companies are starting to leverage their social efforts in order to widen their brand awareness and reach new people. This is no different for staffing and recruiting companies!

The benefits of Social Recruiting and having it be a part of your recruitment marketing strategy are limitless; here, we will explore just a few of the numerous reasons to incorporate Social Recruiting into your marketing strategy.

  1. Widening the Talent Pool

As we discussed above, so much of today’s top talent is already employed, making them passive job seekers. When people aren’t actively looking for new jobs, they have a smaller chance of seeing your company. Since these candidates spend so much time on social media, it provides a great platform to connect with them and stay top-of-mind.

  1. More Room to Engage With Candidates

Social Media is a great channel to interact and engage with different pools of job seekers. Unlike job boards, your company can share a wide variety of content that not only speaks to social media users but can also help display the value of working with you. Whether this is showing an in-depth look at your company’s core values and mission or providing resources to help your target audience.

  1. A Different Channel of Advertising:

When you think of traditional marketing, it’s easy to see how companies advertise in different places to help diversify their efforts and ensure their reach is expanded to attract different people at different times.

Social Media can serve a similar purpose for staffing and recruiting companies. You can’t always rely on one channel or place for your advertising and paid social media efforts can be a cost-effective tactic to help here. Creating and sharing content on social allows you to quickly market your company and what you have to offer in multiple places, reaching different users on each platform.

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