Is Your Team Utilizing Automation to Improve Candidates On-Site Experience?


Is Your Team Utilizing Automation to Improve Candidates On-Site Experience?

Today’s world – and today’s economy – are based on experience. Recruiting is no exception. Quite the contrary: When it comes to your hiring success, the candidate experience is Priority Number One. By using automation to an optimal advantage on your website, you can take that experience to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness, as well as stay competitive in the talent marketplace.

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Where do you start when it comes to automating recruitment, specifically on your career site?

Foremost among your recruitment automation strategies should be a chatbot. At a technical level, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation. This live chat feature enables candidates who visit your site to get the assistance and answers they need, when they need them. Chatbots have quickly become one of the best ways to engage with potential hires, as well as provide them with information about your company, your open jobs, and your culture.

A chatbot can:

  • Manage everything from your initial contact with a candidate to closing a hiring deal, providing real-time updates throughout the process.
  • Save candidates from having to wait for phone or email responses from HR staffers who may be busy, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable. All they have to do is ask a question and get an immediate response – saving unnecessary delays and frustration on the part of everyone involved.

In essence, a chatbot is like a virtual recruitment assistant. Chatbots can perform myriad tasks including pre-screening applicants, clearing up any confusion on applications, and scheduling interviews.

  • Like all the best automation tools, a chatbot will not and should not replace human interaction with your hiring pros. Recent research supports this, with one study showing that 82 percent of job seekers saw the ideal recruitment communication picture as a mix of innovative technology and personal human contact.

Accelerate Hiring with a Chatbot

Here’s a closer look at how a chatbot can help you speed up hiring, lower costs, and deliver a better candidate experience:

  • Candidates no longer have to dig around your site to find basic information about open positions or questions related to them. Your chatbot can provide the right contextual information in a conversational way, helping to significantly lessen time to apply.
  • It becomes way easier for job seekers to submit an application. Using a chatbot can be as simple as scanning a QR code which then redirects candidates to a few automated questions. Or, job seekers can view openings right within your chatbot and apply from there.
  • Your chatbot can completely automate your pre-screening processes. Questions can be customized and personalized – meaning your recruiters can focus on successful candidate engagement.

Are you looking for expert assistance in implementing a chatbot or otherwise enhancing your career website? Let Haley Marketing help, so you not only attract the right talent, but achieve faster fills, lower costs, and optimal recruitment ROI.

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