Are You Actively Blogging to Stay Relevant and Boost SEO?

Are You Actively Blogging to Stay Relevant and Boost SEO?

Have you ever wondered whether blogging on your career site is a worthwhile investment of your time and resources? If so, you can rest assured: Consistently blogging and creating content relevant to your ideal candidates remains a great way for your brand to stay fresh in their minds while simultaneously building SEO for your site.

  • Blogging is a significant factor in increasing organic traffic, as Google regularly updates its core algorithm to reward businesses for producing valuable content.
  • Blogging also can increase your visibility in search engines by expanding your keyword research. It helps with link-building and brand mentions, further enhancing your organic rankings.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Blogging

Blogging on your career site can dramatically boost your SEO as it helps you:

  • Target more keywords: When blogging, you can zero in on keywords you cannot target with your landing pages. You may opt for long-tail keywords or more popular ones by publishing long-form content and creating silos.
  • Create more opportunities to build natural links: Research has shown that companies who blog get 97 percent more links to their websites. Through blogging, you’re more likely to get high-quality backlinks, which can strengthen your domain and thus benefit all your site pages.
  • Garner more brand mentions: Blogging can help you position your brand in front of more candidates, which can, in turn, lead to increased social media engagement.
  • Demonstrate your expertise, authority and trustworthiness (EAT): EAT is a primary factor that Google looks for as it assesses website value. With an active blog, you can show visitors that you’re an expert in your field. If you pack content with incoming links and brand mentions, you establish your authority, which results in Google trust.

How to Do It Right

Blogging boosts your SEO only if you do it correctly. Simply publishing random posts may in fact be a waste of those valuable resources. So be sure that you:

  • Create an SEO action plan. Decide in advance what you will blog about, which keywords to target, how to promote each post, and how to measure your blogging effectiveness. Build all this into a well-defined action plan.
  • Avoid targeting the same keywords as you do on other website pages. If you use identical keywords, you will confuse Google as to which page is most valuable to you. So, when blogging, find keywords that are related to, but not the same as, those you’ve already used.
  • Promote your blogs. Minimally, publish them on Facebook and use the Boost Post feature to get them in front of candidates. Another effective tactic is to create a list of bloggers who discuss similar topics, engage them in an email conversation, and ask them for links.


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