Video Content Has Become A Dominant Force On Social Platforms: Make Sure Your Team Is Acting Accordingly

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Video Content Has Become A Dominant Force On Social Platforms: Make Sure Your Team Is Acting Accordingly

Your most effective social media recruiting posts are those that appear in the feeds of your target candidates, stop them mid-scroll, keep their attention, and compel them to take the next step by converting to applicants. And all this has to happen in a matter of seconds before you lose them.

Because it’s more engaging, shareable, and measurable, video is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Numerous studies support the power of video as an effective social strategy; for instance, one recent report shows that video content is shared 1,200 times more than images and text combined. This helps paint the picture of why platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels are gaining popularity.

Create videos that reflect your unique employer brand

Your social media recruitment messages must say much more than simply “we’re hiring.” Because, news flash, everyone is hiring! Strong videos can help you differentiate your culture and unique employment perks from those of your competitors.

Let your employees tell your story

Candidates want to know what your organization stands for and how your employee experience is different from all the rest. A surefire way to do this is through employee stories. These posts are more likely to immediately build a connection between your company and social media users.

  • Have a cast of characters for your videos. Lean on high-performing members of your team, aka your best employees, for content creation and generation. You can film them yourself, outsource the process to them, or have a plan that includes a mix of both.
  • Employees captured on video helps humanize your brand. It’s also a great way to highlight different areas of your company and the subject matter experts who currently work there. For instance, what could be more appealing to a software developer looking for their next career move than seeing another developer loving life under your roof? Tap employees to make and post behind-the-scenes videos and/or feature them in how-to content and in providing answers to common FAQs. Employee spotlights can also be very compelling.

Educate your talent

Provide tips, tools, and training sessions for your video talent. Provide guidance in areas including how to film, audio, length, video settings, lighting, and framing. Set up practice runs.

Your team will evolve into internal influencers whom you know you can tap for quick, effective video content.

Keep SMO in mind

With video, as with all content, it all comes down to social media optimization (SMO). One size does not fit all: each channel requires adjustments for its specific platforms and audiences. For example, it’s essential to turn off auto-sharing between channels, customize each employee story and call-to-action per channel, and upload videos natively to optimize the power of social channel algorithms.


Yikes! So many details – and they’re all critical for optimal ROI. To be sure every aspect of your successful social media – and other recruitment plans and strategy – are handled effectively, contact Haley Marketing today.

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