Where to Place Testimonials and Statistics on Your Website

Where to Place Testimonials and Statistics on Your Website

It’s no secret: Potential customers trust businesses more if they hear about them from others who speak highly of their products or services.

The same is true when it comes to job candidates and clients. Your career site is the place to start when it comes to spreading the good word about your business via testimonials from various sources. They can be a huge draw, as they show real people sharing real experiences. This carries a lot more credibility than you may glean from a CEO statement or glossy brochure.

As an added bonus, testimonials are a great way to reach passive candidates and convert them into active applicants.

Sprinkle shining testimonials & statistics throughout your site

Your career site is your own real estate. You’re in control and have limitless options for making it work in your favor. So, when you ask yourself, “Where on my site should I include client testimonials?” the answer is placing them throughout your core pages so everyone has a chance to see them!

In addition to testimonials that have clients and candidates talking about how you have benefited them, statistics are just as valuable. Saying “We have helped place candidates for 15 years,” does not hold nearly as much value as saying, “Our team has helped over 10,000 people find the job that is right for them!”

Testimonials are a surefire tactic to boost your brand

Research has shown that as job seekers research companies, 83 percent of them refer to company ratings as a deciding factor in where to apply – and their most trusted sources of information is current clients, candidates, and employees.

  • Your reputation directly impacts the type of candidates who are interested in working for you. Testimonials are a way that your current clients and candidates can open up about the specific ways you have helped them. Reading the specific ways your business has helped others helps build credibility with others who are not as familiar with you.

Create genuine, effective testimonials

When creating testimonials, be genuine and keep authenticity in mind when you ask clients, candidates and employees to create testimonials. Focus on the following:

  • Unique characteristics of your culture. Focus on what separates you from others. If you have a client you needed X amount of candidates over a 4-week span and you were able to deliver, those specifics speak to your values and how your business stands out from the rest!
  • Growth opportunities. Maybe a candidate or client has worked with your company for many years; both instances make for a great testimonial. It shows consistency when you have a client talking about how you have helped their growing business, or a candidate giving an overview of their career path and the various positions your team has helped them obtain.

Video and written testimonials are generally the best way to go when deciding what format to use, but intersperse them with strong narratives and images as well. Three formats to consider are:

  • Story testimonials: Build emotional connections by highlighting someone’s personal experience with your company. Let them speak from the heart when going over how you have helped them.
  • Journey testimonials: Tell the story of how a business or candidate progressed from A to B. Inspirational and persuasive, this style resonates with candidates seeking career growth.
  • Q&A testimonials: With one concise question per video, you can build a large portfolio of quick-fire pieces that portray the best of your company from different perspectives.


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