Why Your Indeed Rating Matters


Why Your Indeed Rating Matters

As an employer, you should think of job seekers as shoppers looking for the best possible deal on one of their most important life purchases: a new career opportunity. And like consumers searching out any product or service from cars to cookies, a new hairdo to a new home, or dog food to dentists to delicatessens … job seekers will pay careful attention to online reviews and ratings.

Even if they come from a total stranger, company ratings are much more relatable than paid advertising, as they represent real-life experiences. In the case of job seekers, this translates into a credible glimpse into life at your company. Reviews and ratings can significantly influence people’s decisions regarding where they will apply – and which employers they’ll reject on the spot.

Influential Indeed!

Indeed is one of the most popular and frequently visited job board sites on the web. It is trusted by both candidates and employers. As an aggregator, Indeed classifies job openings and reduces the time it takes users to filter a desired position. Indeed:

  • Includes reviews that vouch for your quality employer brand and help job seekers place their trust in you. This helps showcase your culture and attracts more candidates.
  • Provides helpful options to connect with desired talent. These include Indeed Resume, a database with 150 million resumes, and Indeed Hiring Events, which enable you to easily hire safely and at scale via video interviews.
  • Is responsible for 65 percent of all hires from online sources.
  • Has a built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) to help recruiters manage applications within the site.
  • Offers both free and paid job advertising options.

It all comes down to converting candidates into viable applicants.

A high Indeed rating makes you look more trustworthy while also making it more likely that views of your openings will convert into actual traffic, aka, clicks and applications submitted. Online reviews expand the conversation about you, further extending your brand’s reach. When people have good things to say about an employer, they’re more inclined to share their thoughts, which plays a big role as Google collects data from them when building its own results rankings. And even individually, positive reviews and ratings help your postings stand out from the rest.

  • People make purchasing decisions – or in the case of candidates, decisions about where to work – if those around them agree that they’re good ones.
  • Online reviews feed the content machine, keeping your brand favored by algorithms. In addition, good ratings provide a steady pipeline of positive content that search engines value highly when choosing which results to return.


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