How to Leverage AI to Boost Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

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How to Leverage AI to Boost Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Technology grows at an exponential rate, which makes it an exciting but also daunting task in trying to keep up with the advances and implement them into your company. One of the biggest pieces of technology spearheading every industry is artificial intelligence or AI.

Many people are under the false assumption that AI is a tool for B2C marketing, but it can be a huge game-changer for staffing and recruiting companies as well! You may be thinking, “Well, won’t AI just do the job for me or replace what I do for my company?” This is a common misconception. AI enhances your productivity, handling mundane tasks and allowing you to spend time doing what you want to do – putting people to work! In this article, we will go over a few ways to utilize and leverage AI to help boost your Recruitment Marketing strategy.

  1. Candidate Screening and Matching

How many hours a week do your recruiters spend sifting through cover letters and resumes trying to identify if the applicant is the right fit? Certain AI tools can use machine learning algorithms to scan through online profiles, cover letters, and resumes to proactively match candidates to job opportunities or help save time by quickly omitting candidates who don’t meet specific criteria. This accelerates the screening process and can also improve the quality of candidate matches.

  1. Personalized Engagement Tools

Personalized engagement tools are AI-powered ways to communicate with candidates and customers. These come in the form of chatbots or virtual assistants. It’s impossible for a human to monitor a chatbot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it’s easy for AI! These personalized interactions can go a long way in increasing conversions on your career site while also nurturing relationships with candidates and clients.

  1. Job Ad Generation / Brainstorming

AI can also be a great tool for creating pieces of content, whether this is an email, blog post, or even a job description. Tools like ChatGPT are user-friendly and may offer free versions so anyone can test out working with AI.

With this new technology, you can get very creative with your job postings. If you’re advertising a travel nurse position in Boston, MA, ask an AI tool what might be important to that specific job seeker. You can use AI to create formal, informal, fun, and informative job descriptions; the possibilities are endless!

  1. Candidate Relationship Management

There are several CRM AI powered tools that not only save time for your recruiters, but they can go a long way in maintaining and building relationships with past and active candidates. The beauty of AI is you choose the details of how you interact with your candidates. You get to put together the strategy, cadence, and content, and the AI handles the rest! Keeping candidates engaged and keeping your company top-of-mind is essential in today’s market, and AI helps your recruiters get ahead of competitors.

Leveraging AI in your Recruitment Marketing Strategy can take your company to the next level. Increasing productivity, widening your company’s message, and reacting to data faster. These are just some of the many benefits of integrating AI into your strategy. Just be to sure have a good balance between human touch and AI being your whole voice!

Recruitment Marketing Resources You Need To Be Using!

Today’s recruiting market is as hard as ever, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of Recruitment Marketing tools you need to be using!

  1. Recruitonomics.com

Sister site of Appcast, Recruitonomics is where the crossroads of recruiting and economics meet. This site contains vast knowledge and data that help give an insight into recruiting in different locations and different industries, taking into consideration current economic trends. No matter what specialty your company focuses on, Recruitonomics will have helpful insights for you!

  1. Recruit’em (recruitin.net)

This free-to-use tool can be a great source for recruiters, and it’s easy to use! Just input the job title you are trying to fill, a location, and/or keywords you would like included, and in a matter of seconds, you have pages of LinkedIn profiles to look through. Not only is the volume there, but the results are accurate and can help your team leave no stone unturned.

  1. Indeed Hiring Insights

If your company has access to Indeed’s Hiring Insights, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Similar to Recruit’em, Hiring Insights allows you to collect data for specific job titles in specific locations. The data includes how competitive the job is in the market, average salary, top search terms, and a whole lot more!

  1. Google

This may seem obvious, but simple Google searches can lead you to some great insights and data! Take the time to research on your own. If everyone is looking at the same source, you can gain a competitive advantage by expanding your research to get ahead of current trends and tactics.

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