Structuring Job Advertising Campaigns to Lead to More ROI

Structuring Job Advertising Campaigns to Lead to More ROI

Structuring Job Advertising Campaigns to Lead to More ROI

Recruiting and staffing hasn’t gotten any easier since the Covid Pandemic, in fact, the talent landscape is just as competitive as ever with unemployment rates still coming in at record lows. Because of this, it’s essential to ensure you are being intentional and strategic with your job advertising efforts.

Here at Haley Marketing, our Recruitment Marketing team works with our clients to create job advertising campaigns that not only align with their recruiting goals and needs, but also lead to positive results thanks to years of expertise in the staffing and online advertising industry. In this article, we will explore a couple tactics and explain why structuring your job advertising campaigns is important to driving more ROI for your company.

  1. Being Intentional with Your Strategy

We understand that every company starts somewhere with their strategy. You are allocated a certain monthly or yearly budget, and you choose where to advertise your job postings. But every so often, it is important to take a step back and ask yourself, “Does my strategy make sense for my business needs and goals?”

For example, let’s say your staffing company receives 70% of revenue from Light Industrial positions, and 30% of revenue from Clerical positions. Your advertising efforts should reflect that to ensure your talent pipeline for Light Industrial positions is constantly being filled, and that you are wasting budget on applications for positions that already have enough applicants.

By separating Light Industrial positions from Clerical positions in different campaigns and with different budgets, you can have more control over your strategy and efforts. If both job categories were in the same campaign, it is a lot harder to manage spend for each industry, and you might not receive the right ratio of applications in order to keep up with your company’s revenue stream.

  1. For Better Results

The second, and maybe most important reason why structuring your job advertising campaigns correctly is crucial, is for results on the job boards. Depending on which job boards you are sponsoring on, your campaign structure can have a huge influence on your results.

One of the biggest things we see when doing campaign analysis, is the competition of jobs. For example, Registered Nurses are much more competitive and harder to fill compared to Certified Nursing Assistants. If you have both job types in the same campaign, it can lead to either overpaying or underpaying for clicks/applications. Take a look at this case study our team put together earlier in 2023 to see the impact of strategic spending and segmenting.

Another example of how to better structure your campaigns is by geo location. If your company staffs workers in different areas of the country, it is important that you understand the competitiveness of each location. Similar to having RN’s and CNA’s in the same campaign, you don’t want to have jobs in rural areas in the same campaign as jobs in highly populated cities. When there is a high supply of job seekers, generally you will have to pay less for clicks, as opposed to jobs in more rural locations. This is why it’s important to structure your campaigns based on competition. This way, your strategy can ensure it is allocating enough funds for more competitive locations, and your less competitive locations aren’t being affected with higher cost-per-clicks.

Taking the time and focus to look at your job advertising strategy should always be a part of your recruitment marketing efforts. Campaign structure has a lot of impact on results and the ROI you receive from your efforts on the job boards.

This process doesn’t have to be overly complicated either! Take some time to look at your company’s recruiting goals and use those to create a strategy that aligns to where you want to see your company go!

“Google Reviews Matter!”:

One area of Recruitment Marketing that often gets overlooked is companies’ online reputation, generally in the forms of Google Reviews. Google Reviews might be one of the most indicators of a company’s performance and reputation, as a number of studies have shown that people trust online reviews more than their friends and peers!

Google Reviews are especially important for staffing and recruiting agencies, as it affects both recruiting and sales efforts. Google Reviews also help lead to stronger client relationships, overall employer branding, and can be a great opportunity to display your company’s unique value proposition.

When a job seeker or potential client looks up your company online, chances are your Google Reviews are one of the first things they will see. You want that first impression to be positive, and that is much harder to do if your Google Reviews are low, or even nonexistent.

Here are some tips for managing your online reviews:

  • Start somewhere! Have current employees leave Google Reviews for your company. Chances are the reviews will be positive and will help give a picture into what working with your company is like.
  • Ask past customers and employees. There is no harm in reaching out to customers and employees that you used to work with. This allows you to collect more reviews and can also give insight into what your company is doing well vs. what could be improved.
  • Being Proactive with Negative Reviews. Negative reviews are bound to happen, so when they do, being proactive and trying to address the issue is a great way to display strong customer service and care. It is important to not become defensive, showing that you care for the user and are dedicated to finding a solution to their complaints.


Having a positive company reputation can be a huge competitive advantage you can use in your specific industry. Google Reviews are tangible, unbiased content that you can utilize to strengthen your employer branding, and lead to more ROI for your company. When all else is the same, job seekers and customers are most likely going with the vendor that has the higher Google Reviews.

Are you ready to learn more about how Haley Marketing and the recruitment marketing team can help drive improved results from your job advertising budget? Contact our team today to learn more and set up a free recruitment marketing consulting call!

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