The Benefits of Strategic Spending and Segmenting


The Benefits of Strategic Spending and Segmenting


When you are creating your job advertising budget and strategy, it is important to make sure you are being intentional with your actions. Sure, you can give $1,000 to the job boards each month and see what happens, but why not take it another step? By looking at past data and understanding how your business runs, you can create a more calculated, effective strategy to help boost your company’s recruitment marketing efforts. A big part of this comes from segmenting your jobs throughout your budget.

What do we mean by saying “segmenting your jobs throughout your budget”? Well, let’s look at one of our clients here at Haley Marketing. Our team manages a nationwide healthcare staffing company. When we first got started, we had two main campaigns, each with their own budgets; a “High Priority” campaign, and a “Normal Priority” campaign. This allowed us to have a more intentional strategy where we could attribute more funds towards jobs that were a higher priority to fill.

In December 2022, we made a recommendation to the client to separate its jobs into more campaigns, specific to different job types. Why? Because a Registered Nurse position isn’t the same as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and you shouldn’t treat both as if they are!

By segmenting the client’s jobs into more specific campaigns, we were able to be more intentional in our efforts. For example, now we were able to ensure Registered Nurses were allocated a certain portion of the budget, while also making sure lower-level jobs weren’t running away with funds.

Instead of just having a “Normal” and a “High” priority campaign, we set up campaigns for Registered Nurses, CNAs, Licensed Professional Nurses, and lower-level, non-clinical positions.

The Results:

November December January
# of Applies CPA Spend # of Applies CPA Spend # of Applies CPA Spend
RN’s 58 $ 12.87 $ 746.00 110 $ 12.58 $ 1,383.00 291 $ 10.13 $ 2,949.00
LPN’s 26 $ 5.45 $ 142.00 197 $ 4.08 $ 804.00 349 $ 5.01 $ 1,749.00
CNA’s 364 $ 3.50 $ 1,273.00 851 $ 1.14 $ 967.00 1190 $ 1.02 $ 1,213.00
Total: 448 $ 4.82 $ 2,161.00 1158 $ 2.72 $ 3,154.00 1830 $ 3.23 $ 5,911.00

We made this strategic adjustment in the middle of December. We saw increased application numbers over a three-month period at an awesome rate!

Application Changes November 2022 Compared to January 2023:

  • Overall Applications: Applications for these job categories increased by 308%!
  • Registered Nurses: Applications increased by 400%!
  • Licensed Practical Nurses: Applications increased by more than 10 times!
  • Certified Nursing Assistants: Applications increased by over 200%!

This client has been more aggressive recently by increasing their budget, but we wanted to spend smarter as well. We created a new campaign strategy, so that we had more control on where our increased funds were going, and the ROI from doing so was awesome to say the least!


By separating out the different job types into their own campaigns, we were able to have more control over the client’s budget, being more strategic with our spend. Not only that, but we ended up seeing consistent or even stronger results from a cost-per-application standpoint. Why? As we said earlier, a Registered Nurse is not the same as a LPN, or a CNA, and you can’t expect the same strategy to work with all three job types!

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