4 Tactics to Showcase Your Team in Your Employer Brand


4 Tactics to Showcase Your Team in Your Employer Brand

Effective employer branding is critical to your recruitment marketing success. In a nutshell, it’s how people – including desired job candidates – perceive your company, its values, and your work environment. It encompasses everything you’re doing, intentionally or not, to promote your organization’s unique identity as an employer among both current and potential employees.

As you build and continually strengthen your employer brand, your focus should be on the people who make your team what it is. So keep them front and center as you design your branding strategy going forward. Here are four ways to make that happen:

1. Create strong, people-focused landing pages on your website.

These are stand-alone pages created with a single audience, event or campaign in mind. Each page should provide enough information to motivate candidates to take action – aka apply or join your talent community – without any other content needed. The best landing pages contain a high-resolution header image portraying your current workforce in action, as well as a captivating headline, short but persuasive content, a prominent call to action, and a form to collect needed information.

  • Feature employees on your landing pages as you target certain talent groups; for instance, specific roles like recruiter or talent manager, or specific geographic areas.
  • An added bonus: Strong landing pages are search engine friendly.

2. Emphasize DEI.

Make diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) a prominent theme, woven throughout your brand messaging and content. Show that yours is a company where every individual is encouraged and supported as they find their uniqueness and share it proudly. Illustrate your culture of belonging in a way that resonates personally and emotionally with desired talent.

  • Avoid using stock imagery. Make your content truly authentic by using images and videos of your actual team members. This helps you to truly drive your message home and remain true to your employee value proposition.

3. Make it about more than just work.

As you spread your brand message, feature employees sharing not just what they do at work, but also who they are and how being on your team empowers them to bring their full, authentic selves to their jobs each day. Find employees willing to share their stories, and then feature their diverse backgrounds, passions and experiences.

4. Showcase your employees on social media.

Spread your content across multiple channels, including your employees’ as well as your company’s. Let your current team members be your brand ambassadors, advocating on your behalf and adding a level and richness of credibility that’s impossible to match – as peers relate to peers much more so than they do to senior company leaders.

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