Should You Outsource Your Job Advertising?


Should You Outsource Your Job Advertising?

When you don’t feel well – or simply want to maintain your good health – it starts with having a trusted general practitioner who can keep things on track. But if a specific problem or condition surfaces, you may need a specialist.

Recruitment marketing – and job advertising in particular – is a lot like that. You or your existing HR manager may be the generalist who can handle talent acquisition and management from an overall business standpoint. But in order to drill down and achieve success in filling your all your open jobs effectively, you can often save time, money and heartache by outsourcing to a subject matter expert. Like specialists in any field, they know their field inside out, backward and forward. They keep abreast of the latest trends and developments, and they have a wealth of resources and contacts at their – make that your – fingertips.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of outsourcing job advertising:

Save Time

I have more than enough hours in my day – said no business leader ever. Outsourcing any aspect of your recruitment marketing efforts, including job advertising, takes the time-consuming process of creating and posting open roles out of your hands. This can be a godsend if your in-house HR capabilities are limited.

  • Let’s talk time-to-hire. Passing job ad responsibilities to a trusted outsource partner can help keep this KPI on target, even in times of expanding or evolving staff needs.

Why? Does your team of recruiters have a skillset of focusing on data? Do they know what to look for in terms of cost per click, cost per application, conversion rate, and other statistics? Usually – recruiters love to focus on the people aspect of recruiting, not digging into spreadsheet to find trends and areas of improvement.

Outsourcing job advertising gives more time back to your recruitment team to get back to talking to the people who want to work for you!

Avoid Costly Turnover

Hand-in-hand with time-to-hire is the importance of quality hires: those who will be more likely to fit your culture and stay with your company. This starts with a candidate’s first touchpoint with your organization, which often is your job ad. Outsourcing can help you avoid high turnover, as unsuitable candidates will be more likely to self-eliminate from your hiring process early on.

  • An added plus: You help avoid burnout and turnover among your current HR staff as you ease their recruitment advertising burden.

Reach the Right Candidates

Even the best advertising messages may fail to generate the needed buzz right away. Your outsource partner will stay laser focused on each of your ads, tracking and tweaking them as necessary to get results.

  • A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to job postings. Nor can you use a template message and modify it for different jobs. A specialized professional knows exactly what applicants with different skillsets and backgrounds expect from prospective employers, and where they will search out openings. One approach, for instance, may be programmatic job advertising: a subspecialty within itself, which your outsource partner can effectively address.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Regardless your company size or industry, you need to be able to consistently find the right talent – or risk losing your edge in today’s candidate-driven marketplace. That’s where outsourcing can help you stay ahead of even your most formidable competition.

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