What Does Your Career Site Say About Your Company?


What Does Your Career Site Say About Your Company?

Your career site – or careers page – is the section of your company website dedicated to showcasing your employer brand: the heart of your employee value proposition (EVP) and essentially defining exactly what you want to communicate to both current and potential employees. Your career site is also your venue for presenting your current job openings.

So, it’s an important piece of real estate – and it’s all yours. The messaging and content on your site is the first point of contact for new applicants, and they will use it to decide whether or not to take the next step and hit apply. Social and traditional media, word of mouth, job ads and other communication tools are also helpful, but all roads lead to your site. You own it, you control it, and the possibilities are powerful – as are the impressions users will form based on their experience there.

Listen and Learn from Feedback

So, what does a jobseeker think, feel and experience after their first visit to your career site? What are you portraying as most important and unique about the opportunity to come to work for you? In other words, what are you saying to compel candidates to stay with you instead of clicking elsewhere?

  • Talk to people you know and trust and get their honest feedback. Both recent hires and longer-term employees are good sources to start with, along with other stakeholders. Based on this feedback, you can continuously make improvements to keep your site fresh and engaging and your company in a strong competitive position when it comes to talent attraction.

Here’s What Today’s Candidates Want

The ball is in jobseekers’ court: the best talent out there can pick and choose their next employer. The job candidate of 2023 expects a tech-optimized recruitment experience with a focus on corporate culture and social responsibility. And, mobile connectivity is a must. If your site doesn’t offer this feature, you send a message that you’re not truly committed to delivering a great EVP.

  • Clearly spell out your hiring process from start to finish. This means mapping the journey from a candidate’s first touchpoint with your organization through to interviewing, selection and onboarding. Let applicants know what to expect, including specific timelines, so they have a sense of ease and understanding. (Hint: If there are unexpected delays, be sure to add the reasons behind them to your messaging. All this will not only save you time and heartache, but also keep desired candidates in your loop. It only takes one bottleneck to send them elsewhere.)
  • Keep communicating your EVP. Focus on what makes it attractive and unique. Among the most desired attributes: career development and learning opportunities and corporate ethics.

Being transparent and over-communicating will help you gain points in the eyes of your audience. They have been burned too many times in the past by other companies. Jobseekers will appreciate your company being upfront and sharing that information. That will only help your recruitment marketing and bring better-quality candidates to your company!

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