Employer Branding in Healthcare: What Connects with Candidates?


Employer Branding in Healthcare: What Connects with Candidates?

It’s always been a challenge to find passionate, skilled and dedicated healthcare employees – but the bar has been even higher since the Covid-19 pandemic. During that unprecedented time, the healthcare industry was impacted like none other. Many practitioners got sick, lost their lives, or burned out trying to keep up with the tsunami-like demands of their day-to-day work.

Combine this with the Great Resignation which followed the pandemic and an uber competitive general labor market and you have the perfect storm when it comes to recruiting healthcare candidates.

Some of the specific challenges include:

  • Healthcare occupations are projected to grow by 16 percent by 2030. This amounts to approximately 2.6 million new jobs to be filled.
  • For registered nurses, employment is predicted to increase by 9 percent during this decade.

The right brand – and branding message – enables you to connect with the right candidates.

Your employer brand relates to your external company reputation and image among potential hires. When candidates search for a job, you want your company to stand out from the competition, so they have that “aha moment” that converts them into applicants. Your brand also plays a critical role in keeping current superstar talent on board.

Showcase what makes your organization unique.

Why would that RN, CNA, NP or other specialist choose you? Is your facility new or recently renovated? Is your location attractive? Do you have the latest or most innovative technology in your region – or anywhere? What unique perks can you offer? Use these touchpoints to give candidates what they’re looking for.

Reassess your online presence.

Take a critical, thoughtful look at your website, career page and social media accounts to be sure your image is being effectively portrayed. Are you conveying the messages you want to and should be? Is your company culture accurately presented? Do your job descriptions allow candidates to envision themselves at your company?

  • Review each social platform to ensure your brand is being communicated to what it currently is, not what you hope it will one day be. You may need to make some changes – and if so, do it. But in the meantime, and always, keep your brand messaging authentic. When you change your culture, likewise change your branding and messaging. But keep it all in alignment. Otherwise, you risk a hiring mismatch.

Highlight growth opportunities.

The best talent wants to work for companies where they have opportunities to learn, grow, and advance in their field. By sharing your training and development strengths, you’ll attract people more likely to not only join your team, but stay with you for the long term.

You need to be agile and open to the latest recruitment marketing strategies to keep your employer brand – and your company – competitive. One of your first steps is to reassess and possibly revamp that brand. Turn to Haley Marketing to help. We can customize a plan for you, right down to your most specialized, hard-to-fill roles. Contact us today to learn more.

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