Understanding the Algorithm Increases Your Reach on Social Recruiting


Understanding the Algorithm Increases Your Reach on Social Recruiting

Are you still trying to grasp social media algorithms and how they work, especially as you shore up your recruitment strategy?

You’re not alone. Rest assured that as complicated as they may seem, these algorithms are actually quite simple – and also essential to your talent acquisition success.

  • Algorithms help social media users by sifting through content and delivering the only that which is relevant, versus random posts. They are a way of sorting posts in people’s feeds by the likelihood that they’ll actually want to see them.
  • Before algorithms, most social media platforms simply displayed feeds in reverse chronological order. Today, by default, algorithms determine which content to deliver based on users’ behavior.

Actionable Strategies

To get the most from algorithms, it’s not about outsmarting them but rather, giving each social media platform exactly what it wants.

On Facebook

  • Time your posts well. Stick to a calendar that taps into the times when your desired candidates are typically most active. (Hint: this applies across all social media.)
  • Use video. Also true across all social platforms, video content always tends to drive higher engagement.
  • Embrace Facebook Live. Use it to create compelling, real-time content. Here’s an added bonus when it comes to videos: If they’re live, notifications will ping people.
  • Encourage your current employees to push your content. This can instantly amplify your reach.
  • Start conversations in Here, followers opt in and essentially commit to discussions. So, they’re more likely to engage with your brand’s content.

On Instagram

  • Go for eye-popping photos. The most liked and best shared content is visually striking.
  • Publish consistent Don’t post them over traditional feed posts, but include a balance of both. Stories are always popular content on Instagram.
  • Strive for more video content. Instagram continues to add newer, more improved video features like Reels and IGTV.
  • Go live more often. Instagram Live generates notifications to followers by putting itself atop their story feeds.
  • Harness the power of hashtags. Including hashtags helps ensure that your posts are searchable.

On LinkedIn

  • Provide breaking news and updates. This shows that you have a pulse on your industry and your company’s place within it.
  • Shoot for image-based posts. Yes, this rule of thumb also applies to LinkedIn. For instance, infographics can enable users to more easily digest your data.
  • Focus on employee-centric content. Show off the human side of your business. For example, post photos and videos of office camaraderie and team-building sessions.
  • Highlight your awards and accomplishments. This is a great way to flex your influence as you build your brand. Accomplishment-based posts are “like” magnets.

Social recruiting is one of the pillars of your recruitment marketing success. Let the experts at Haley Marketing help you keep up with its evolution and take all the right steps to save time, reduce wasted spend, improve your ROI, and get the right people applying to your jobs. Contact us today to learn more.

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