Does Your Company Need Two Recruitment Sites?


Does Your Company Need Two Recruitment Sites?

How can top talent find what they’re looking for as they search out your company and job openings, without having to spend too much time or effort on it?

That’s the question you need to answer as you consider whether you should have a website specifically dedicated to career-related content, as well as your general company site, even if the latter already has informative links like About Us, Job Seekers and Employers.

You may want a more developed career portal.

Typically, candidates arrive first at your general site and then navigate to career-related content from there. But a self-contained career site, with its own main home page, priority navigation and sub-navigation pages, may be an additional asset.

  • Your careers page could have a different theme or design from your main page, but in most cases, the same core essence and elements from your employer brand are woven into both.

About Your Corporate Site

Corporate sites provide information about an organization as a whole: who they are and what they do. They’re geared toward a diverse range of audiences including investors, consumers, partners, educators and vendors, as well as job seekers. This may add more layers of general company content, which is fine, except that it amounts to more information for candidates to sift through. As such, it may be somewhat limiting as you drive your employer brand and image home.

  • Generally, the primary focus of company site content is business to business or business to consumer. Although, a high percentage of job seekers also turn first to company sites.

About Your Career Site

A separate career site, with its own URL, can be highly effective in connecting both active and passive candidates to your job openings. This is especially true for companies with multiple business units, divisions, locations or opportunities.

  • Consider your audience. Passive job seekers who may not be officially looking, but open to new career possibilities, need the most engagement into your employer brand proposition. They’re the ones your competitors may also be wooing, who may or may not have misconceptions about yours as an organization to work for.
  • Active job seekers want to efficiently access content that helps them decide whether to apply for a job. They want quick answers as to whether they qualify for a position and whether there’s a cultural fit.

Both sites are your own real estate: you’re in control of the content and how you make work for you. A strategy that incorporates a corporate site that draws in various audiences with different agendas and a carefully tailored career site may be the ideal approach.

Which route should you take?

The recruitment experts at Haley Marketing can help you decide – and develop your corporate site, your career site or both – so they work in tandem to the ongoing advantage of your business and your talent acquisition efforts. Contact us today to set up a free 30-minute focus call to discuss this and other recruitment marketing strategies.

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