Small Businesses CAN Compete With Big Staffing Tech – Here’s How!

Small Businesses CAN Compete With Big Staffing Tech – Here’s How!

In September, I attended the semi-annual TempNet conference in Denver; and was a member of the All Things Marketing panel. It was an awesome in-person event, and I wanted to share one of the takeaways from the conference and the panel.

One of the questions focused on “how can small to midsize staffing companies compete with the technology advantages that large / enterprise staffing companies have?”

It’s not surprising to hear that question because the common thought revolves around the cost of technology. Here’s where I am to tell you – that doesn’t have to be the case!

In fact – that’s the mission of Haley Marketing: make world-class marketing easy, fast, and affordable!

What technology areas can a small to midsize staffing agency compete with large and enterprise companies?

  1. Candidate Automation

A lot of smaller companies have purchased candidate automation software (Sense) and that’s not a small-ticket item. But once they’ve bought the luxury car, not all companies know what to do after driving that car off the lot.

We hear a LOT from staffing companies that have purchased candidate automation software but are unsure how to set up workflows and what to do to maximize that software. Combining technology with personalized messages is the perfect combination for staffing companies to stand out.

  1. Programmatic Job Advertising

I know, you’ve heard me use the p-word for a long time, but I’m here to tell you the correct usage of programmatic software will get more ROI from your job advertising budget. (we see a 17% improvement in the first 3 months and 33% in the first six months)

Using programmatic software does not mean you have to switch your job board strategy and let the computer decide where to post jobs. At Haley Marketing, where we manage the recruitment budget for 50 clients and oversee millions of dollars of budget, we’ve seen the most success for staffing agencies on Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

The change comes in eliminating that wasted spend, ensuring the jobs-to-budget ratio is correct, and giving more time back to your team to recruit while our team manages that daily, weekly, and monthly budget.

  1. Chatbots

Yes – there are a lot of different levels of chatbots. But – what do you want to get out of your chatbot?

At Haley Marketing, we have a guided chatbot. It’s not true AI, which is a whole different discussion, but do you really need a chatbot that’s pushing the limits of artificial intelligence?

Our chatbot drives sales leads and also handles customer service questions. We can set up guided questions and answers to help the users engage with the chatbot and provide a quick and helpful result for everyone.

Sure – you can spend thousands of dollars per month on a chatbot but does your staffing company need that costly expense? Or, can you find the right chatbot that still provides great customer service to your website visitors at a price that’s easy to stomach?

And Don’t Forget Relationship Building!

The perfect combination for small to midsize staffing agencies is leveraging cost-effective technology with your relationship building. The enterprise and large staffing companies will have more expensive technology, but your team can outhustle by just being a person.

Call them. Talk to them. Make it super difficult for your employees to leave for another staffing company. Jobs are transactional. Relationships are not transactional.

Think about what you do well in terms of personal relationships and recruiting. Then find the right technology solutions to eliminate the manual tasks. You don’t want to automate that personal touch. You want to get more time for those personal connections.

At Haley Marketing – that’s literally why our company exists. We make world-class marketing fast, easy, and affordable. Whether it’s automation, programmatic, or chatbots – those are just three examples of how we help small to midsize staffing companies compete with the biggest companies out there.

We’re here to help – let us know how we can help you by contacting our team today!

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