Does Your Career Site Match Your Business Goals?


Does Your Career Site Match Your Business Goals?

Your career website is among your best tools to develop and nurture your employer brand and, in doing so, help reach and exceed your business goals. It’s critical that those goals align with the goals of prospective employees who search out your site, so that you – and they – can make an informed decision about their potential fit at your company.

Each and every page on your site should help achieve those common goals through increased awareness of your brand and ultimately, the conversion of desired candidates into applicants.

Made for Each Other

Your business goals and career site should always support one another and work in tandem. As goals evolve with changing business needs, your site should follow suit in order to match talent with your desired company direction.

  • The best career sites are easy to find, present all the relevant information a job seeker needs, and seamlessly transition into a reliable application portal. This results in a complete candidate experience that continuously brings in qualified candidates and converts them into successful hires.
  • In addition to your employer brand content, your site should include open positions either on the site itself or via a link to a third- party platform. Done right, this can be a gold mine for organic web traffic. Job seekers often search for terms like “(name of) company + careers” or “industry + careers.” With targeted content, you can successfully reach the top of candidate search results.
  • Your career site can have a positive impact on your hiring metrics. Saving time and money on recruitment naturally falls in line with business goals and growth. If you career site is well structured, more applicants will find it organically, reducing the amount of paid sourcing you need. The right messaging also helps candidates pre-screen themselves – another benefit to make your process more efficient and less costly.

What’s On Your Site?

When it comes to career site content, your laser focus should be on what makes your company uniquely attractive to desired candidates. Here’s a brief snapshot:

  • Your company culture: What’s it like to work for you – and why do people love it?
  • Benefits: What kind of perks do you offer – and how do they jive with the lifestyle needs and demands of prospective hires?
  • Professional growth: How do you invest in your employees’ future via robust training and development?

In essence, it’s all about showing job seekers who you are. Be authentic about your mission, vision and core values, so candidates can identify with you – or not. If the latter is true, you save everyone time by not pursuing candidates who ultimately won’t match your culture. Tell a compelling story, including videos, pictures and employee testimonials to paint the full picture.

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