Did You Catch Our Smart Ideas Summit 2?

Did You Catch Our Smart Ideas Summit 2?

On September 8, Haley Marketing held the Smart Ideas Summit 2 – a fantastic all-day webinar with 20-minute presentations from top thought leaders throughout the staffing industry.

As part of that all-day webinar, Director of Recruitment Marketing Matt Lozar participated in three different presentations – yes, he was busy!

Candidate Experience Optimization – It Matters

Along with Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Staats, this presentation focused on two very different parts of the candidate experience, yet areas that are related. The presentation looks at the candidate experience before applying, then digs into automation and follows up with the candidate after the presentation.

This presentation is a great way for companies to look at how candidates find their jobs and what they are going through after clicking apply.

How Great Staffing Firms Use Social Media to Attract Talent

In this webinar version of the Insights podcast, Matt Lozar and Director of Digital Marketing, Brad Bialy, jump into some really helpful areas in how staffing firms leverage social media effectively to attract talent for all the open jobs.

The podcast duo looks at three different areas:

  • Social Media in 2022 – What Should I Be Doing Now?
  • How Do I Drive Actual Response from Social Media?
  • Where Does Social Media Fit into My Company’s Marketing Mix?

Recruitment Marketing Masterclass

In the final presentation of the Smart Ideas Summit 2, Matt Lozar and co-CEO, David Searns, walked through the challenges facing the industry in recruitment. After going over the current job market landscape, the presentation focuses on three areas in your recruitment marketing:

  • Make It Easy
  • Be Consistent
  • Be Authentic

To watch the entire Smart Ideas Summit 2, which featured presentations from leaders at SIA, Bullhorn, Mee Derby and more, click here!

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