3 Ways to Show Your Values on Your Social Pages


3 Ways to Show Your Values on Your Social Pages

There’s no doubt that active engagement in social media promotes effective communication when it comes to attracting supporters of all kinds – including desired job candidates – to your business. Social media users can quickly see and understand your company’s branding and values on their favorite platforms, which is, of course, where you need to be to reel them in.

On your pages, you can get candidates excited about your organization and its core beliefs in things that are worthwhile and help set the right future direction for itself, its employees and other stakeholders, its community, and the world at large. As you incorporate this energy into your posts, it will become infectious and be spread further by a growing number of receptive users.

Here are three ways to showcase your values on your social pages as part of your recruitment marketing strategy:

  1. Employee Video Testimonials

When shared via social media, videos featuring testimonials from your current employees can be a powerful, multifunctional tool to build your employer brand. They are a major draw for candidates due to their authenticity: they show real people talking about their real experiences at work.

  • Other people’s opinions matter when making a big decision – and what could be bigger than deciding where to work? Trust and credibility factors are significantly higher coming from existing employees. These testimonials can be a great way to reach both active and passive job seekers and convert them into applicants. The more employee videos the better!
  1. Leadership Videos Telling Why You Embrace Those Values

The best leaders bring your company values to life through their day-to-day example. Take this a step further by including values-oriented leadership videos on your pages. This sends the message that your values are for everyone and that they’re taken seriously. Values lose their credibility if leadership talks the talk but fails to walk the walk.

  • Highlight how managers personify your values and how everyone at your organization, from the C-suite down, supports one another. Also focus on how behavior and performance reflective of your values is rewarded.
  1. Strong Graphics

The strongest brand identities are easily recognizable and remembered, as they immediately convey a message about your company. Nowhere is this more important than in your recruitment marketing efforts. Your attractive employer brand, portrayed through graphics supporting your values, positions you in the minds of desired candidates as a business worth working for.

  • The best graphics help you engage candidates, build excitement and interest, and can lead to long-term loyalty, as well as your positive reputation being quickly shared and spread.

Social recruiting is aligned with employment branding as two of your company’s four pillars of successful recruitment marketing. (The others are your career site and job advertising.) Consider partnering with Haley Marketing to keep all these pillars strong and successful. We can provide advice and guidance to increase to help you build social proof and optimize your branding strategy, as well as review your website and build responses to your advertising efforts. Contact us today to set up a free 30-minute review of your recruitment marketing.

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